Open course: The power of podcasting

Who is the course for?

Audiences are flocking to podcasts in record numbers.

And more and more businesses are turning to them as part of their content marketing strategy and internal communication.

Whether you already have a podcast or are looking to launch one, this course will help you to become a more effective, credible and efficient podcaster.

This course is for a mixed-ability group. Your level of experience doesn't matter. The training is perfect for those with podcasting experience who want to become more professional. And those who are new to it.

Take a look at the course outline and give us a call if you have any questions.

What will you learn?

In this hands-on course, our expert tutors – James White and Tom Idle will guide you through everything you need to know and give you the chance to put your skills to the test.

You will learn:

• How to identify new ideas, themes and episode topics for your podcast.
• Selecting the best recording equipment based on your budget and location of you and your guest.
• Preparing and planning your recording sessions so you can edit more efficiently.
• The basics of editing.
• Selecting and using audio branding such as music beds, stings, and jingles.

We will help you become a more confident and skilful podcast host, producer or interviewer.

Here’s what your time with us might look like.

Why podcast?

Here we’ll set the scene by looking at how other individuals and brands are using podcasts for marketing and sales.

Planning your podcast?

  • What are the key elements that makes podcasts engaging?
  • A look at the various editorial treatments used in podcasts and the different styles of podcasts available.
  • How best to structure your podcast – considering the individual audio elements required
  • Reverse engineering ‘interesting’ content - the structure that journalists use when defining what makes ‘good quality content’ (T.R.U.T.H)

Scripting a podcast introduction: practical session

Here you will script a podcast introduction. Don’t worry if you don’t already have a podcast idea. We’ll help you to come up with something so you can learn the skills and apply them to your future podcasts.

Tutor review, coaching and guidance will follow each practical session.

What equipment do you need for podcasting?

Depending on your budget and the type of podcast you are creating we will give advice on what equipment you need to get started or to develop a more professional sound.

You’ll also get a chance to explore Media First’s own radio and podcasting studios, as well as getting to play with our portable and online podcasting equipment and software.

We’ll look at:
- Recording devices
- Microphones
- Headphones
- Online software
- Editing software

A strong introduction: practical session

During this practical session, you will present and record the opening of a podcast. We’ll teach you proper microphone technique and will guide you through the whole process. We’ll even show you how to quickly edit your recording and add audio branding such as a music bed to your introduction.

This could be a podcast you’ve introduced before, or one that you’re planning to record in the future.

Tutor review, coaching and guidance will follow each practical session.

Voice and language workshop

  • How to bring scripted content to life
  • The importance of tone, pace, pitch and light and shade
  • Creating intimacy with your voice
  • Vocal techniques to convey different moods or messages
  • Painting pictures with words
  • Using relatable language
  • Jargon busting
  • Using imagery to bring facts and figures to life

Presenting with impact: practical session

During this practical session you will again present the opening section of a podcast, putting into practice the above techniques and the tutor’s feedback from the first practical session.

Review, feedback and coaching will follow

Interview and hosting skills

  • Connecting with your audience and guests simultaneously
  • The importance of being impartial
  • Active listening
  • Giving guests equal ‘air time’
  • Being a confident but compassionate host – controlling a ‘wandering speaker’
  • Subtly landing your own corporate messages whilst not stealing the limelight from your guests
  • The power of paraphrasing

Podcast interviews: practical session

Employing the techniques learnt, you will host a mock podcast and interview your tutor about a topic you know little about. The aim is to test your ability to dig into the interesting elements of the story and your ability to lead the interviewee without appearing over-bearing.

Review, feedback and coaching will follow

Podcast sign offs

The importance of a strong and consistent call-to-action.

What do you want your audience to do next?
- Read the associated show notes?
- Become a member?
- Sign up to your blog
- Like, share and subscribe?
- Visit your website?

Editing and launching your podcast

  • The 2 day editing process
  • Editing with colleagues – sign off and approval processes.
  • Basic editing techniques and software choices

The Media First difference

On our open courses, you can expect:

Our full attention
We offer a ratio of one trainer to four delegates, so you can be assured a high level of focus on your individual needs with the best opportunity to learn.

Passionate tutors
Our training team are working journalists and broadcasters with expert knowledge of all the latest trends and techniques

Hands on learning
We believe people learn best when they put their new skills and knowledge to the test.

Recording and playback
Our dedicated camera operators can film and record all practices for playback and review, as well as providing you with secure access to all your own recordings after the course.

Access to studios
Our brand new, fully equipped TV, radio and podcasting studios provide a realistic setting for your practice sessions, so there's no surprises when you do this for real.  

Post course support
Your booking comes with a full year of post course support through our online Continuous Professional Development program, including access to blogs, templates, ebooks, live masterclasses and a range of associated self-study courses.  

Meet your tutors

James White is Media First’s managing director. He launched our The Media Landscape podcast in 2021 for comms and media professionals. He has also worked with our clients, including Sagentia Innovation, Frontier Economics and WRAP, to launch and produce their podcasts.

Tom Idle is an experienced podcast host who has spent the last 20 years working in business journalism and corporate communications. His Better Business Show podcast showcased innovators, start-ups and small businesses, doing things differently and more sustainably to create better businesses. It boasted more than 3,000 weekly listeners. 

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