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Words matter. And good writing helps brands stand out, develop their personality and connect with customers

Think about it. Without the right words, how do you explain your brand purpose, tell people what you stand for, or convince customers why they should choose you?

Well-researched, informed, and original writing can generate leads, improve search engine rankings, position your brand as thought leaders and create media opportunities.

But there is a problem. While most of us can write, few can do it well.

That’s why we use current working journalists, who have perfected their craft and know how to grab attention, to create all our written content.

They will help your organisation hone its authentic tone of voice and style, add emotion to its content and create the words people want to read.

What written content can we produce for you?

Words can be packaged in lots of different formats.
Here are a few examples of the types of written content we produce:


eBooks are a great way of demonstrating knowledge, expertise and authority in a striking format.

They are a middle ground between blogs and whitepapers.

The best eBooks solve a problem or educate readers while subtly encouraging them to learn more about your business and its services.

They are also a way to gather information about your customers and potential customer who will download them from your website after providing contact information.

Our expert writers will work with you to research your customers, find unique topics, and create content that will captivate your audience and help you achieve your goals.

And our design team can ensure it has an eye-catching look that reflects your brand.

White papers

White papers are sometimes accused of lacking the excitement of eBooks.

Perhaps it is the name.

But while they may not sound as exciting or glamorous as eBooks, they are a crucial component of an effective content marketing strategy.

White papers are long-form content - they educate readers, help solve their problems and guide them to better decisions.

They don’t sell, but instead set the organisation out as an expert in its field, giving them the opportunity to do business with the reader at a later date.

To do this, white papers must be well-researched and based on a credible argument supported by quotes, facts, anecdotes, figures and good writing.

Good white papers can also be repurposed into blogs, podcasts and webinars, ensuring you get more bang for your buck.  


No content marketing strategy is complete without blogs.

And they are a great way of ensuring people keep coming back to your website – where else on your site would you regularly post fresh content?

Blogs allow your customers to get to know your personality and better understand your expertise and value.

Good blogs, written consistently, can position your brand as an industry leader and help you stand out from the competition. And people tend to share them, raising your social media profile.

There are a lot of blogs out there. So, to be successful, you need relevant, interesting, and entertaining material for your audience.

Website content

Does your website need a revamp? Do you need to add new products and services to it?

You’ll need the right words. Why? Because people typically spend just a few seconds skimming a website before deciding whether to move on.

Copy that convinces, compels, hooks them in and makes them hungry for more is crucial to overcoming this challenge.

And you must create a bond and guide them to what makes you different.

The copy must also be optimised for the website search engines and match the search intent of your customers so they find you in the first place. This is where a solid SEO strategy comes in.

email marketing

Whether you have got a new eBook, white paper, podcast, or blog, they will all need promoting if people are going to find them.

Email marketing is crucial. But mailboxes are cluttered.

To stand out, you will need to add some polish to your email content and show you are offering something timely, relevant unusual, and that promises some human interest.

Not only will your customers click through to your content, but they will keep coming back for more.

Articles and reports

Need a hand with your annual report, sustainability report or financial update? Maybe you are struggling to nail the executive summary.

Or perhaps you’ve carried out some research, and you need to turn it into a report that will spark the interest of your audience and make them think differently about your product or service.

These can be time-consuming projects.

So why not let us take the strain? And we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to create something that stands out to your audience.

And that’s not all…

Our brilliant writers can also produce articles for trade publications, industry websites, and regional newspapers, as well as speeches, presentations and online training course content.


Your questions answered about written content

For a start, they are formally trained and always deliver on deadline - so you know you will get your content on deadline.

But there is much more to it than that.

Journalists are great storytellers. They tell stories every day, and know how to capture attention and ensure readers feel compelled to keep reading.

Good content informs, educates, entertains and subtlety nudges. Journalists do not write pushy sales material. 

They get to the heart of the matter, carrying out detailed research and interviewing experts to gather new information, opinion and insight.

And they deliver authentic and original content which engages audiences and stands the test of time.

We have a pool of writers – all with different areas of expertise.

So, your content will always be written by someone who knows what they are talking about.

We will spend time getting to know you and your business and understand the work you need.

And we will then select the best writer for your project.

There is no easy answer to this.

Both eBooks and white papers need extensive research and interviews to offer value to your customers.

A survey of 600 writers revealed it takes between 24 and 50 hours to create a white paper. So, to give you a ballpark figure, around four weeks is a reasonable estimate, if all the interviews fall into place.

A one-off eBook can often be shorter on word count, but heavier on design. So, it would take a similar time overall. But when we know you will create multiple eBooks, our graphic designers would look to create reusable templates and graphical assets to make things more efficient for the series.

But we will work with you to agree on milestones and deadlines in advance, ensuring the process runs smoothly and you get your white paper or eBook when you need it.

A lot less time than it takes to write an eBook or white paper.

But don’t take them lightly.

Good blogs are well-written and require research.

A 1,200-to-1,500-word blog should take about half a day to a full working day. It will depend on the subject matter, access to your thought leaders or content experts, the existing knowledge of the author and how much research it needs.

Yes. Whether you need a column for a trade publication, local or national newspaper, industry website, or you need some blogs, we can help you produce something unique that your leaders and experts will be happy to put their name to.

We will work with you to ensure we deliver the words that sound like something you would say and that will benefit your customers and grab their attention.

Yes. Journalists write all our copy.

They received hundreds of press releases every week. So, they have a unique understanding of what grabs attention and what reporters ignore.

Our writers will work with you to ensure your press release captures the attention of journalists and inspires them to cover your story.

We have access to a big team of talented writers. So, we are always available to take on new projects. In short, we’re ready when you are. 

Having a brief is a good start and might be enough for us to give you a quote for the work. But the chances are we will need more when we come to writing for you.

Our journalist writers take their craft seriously and like to probe and get to know you and the business before putting pen to paper.

They are a dab hand at research. Part of this will involve interviews with you and your team, either face-to-face, on the phone or through Zoom.

Pretty much all of them.

We have written for research and development consultancies, office outfitters, business IT support specialists, air-conditioning companies, universities and trade associations - to give you a few examples.

If we haven’t covered your sector before, we will know a journalist who has. Our team of talented and experienced journalists have covered sustainability, finance, charity, health, travel, engineering, and pharmaceuticals.

Sure. We can produce SEO-ranking content that drives traffic to your website.

At a basic level, this means incorporating your keywords into the copy. But a more sophisticated approach is understanding what your audience is searching for and creating copy answering those questions.

If you already have an SEO agency, and they are happy to work with us, then that’s great. They do the geeky research, and we create the beautiful words – don’t tell them we said that.

But we pride ourselves on putting human readers first. They are the ones you need to convince to buy your product or service.

Once that's sorted, we will add the tricks to get your content spotted by search engines.

Our Clients

We have a huge amount of experience in over 40 different sectors such as automotive, charity, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail, travel and many more. Here is a small selection of our clients.

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