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Crisis management — 16 October by Adam Fisher

Promotional tour shows how to make a crisis worse

As crises go, this has been quite a spectacular one. The National Basketball Association’s promotional tour of China has resulted in Chinese businesses cutting ties, state television vowing not to…


General media skills, Spokesperson training, Radio interview skills — 11 October by Adam Fisher

Interview highlights the risk of waxing lyrical on wider issues

Spokesperson training, TV interview skills, General media skills — 9 October by Adam Fisher

Refusal to answer key question makes spokesperson appear evasive

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General media skills, Spokesperson training — 2 October by Adam Fisher

Spokesperson struggles with unexpectedly tough interview

One organisation has found itself under increasing pressure this week. The IAAF has been accused of ‘letting athletes down’ with the low attendances at the World Championships in Doha. In fact,…


Crisis management, Social media — 30 September by Adam Fisher

What crisis comms pros can learn from this amateur spokesperson

It can be challenging sometimes to find much in the news that isn’t related to Brexit. But after some extensive research, we found a remarkable story with clear lessons for anyone facing a…


General media skills, Spokesperson training, TV interview skills — 20 September by Media First

Spokesperson shows how wardrobe choices can obscure the message

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General media skills, Spokesperson training, TV interview skills —  18 September by Adam Fisher

The empty chair humiliation and what spokespeople can learn from it

Crisis management —  16 September by Adam Fisher

Charity shows how to survive a crisis

General media skills, TV interview skills, Spokesperson training —  13 September by Adam Fisher

Spokesperson shows how to survive the heat of a hostile interview

Picture the scene. Your organisation has made a decision many are deriding as being ‘PC’ or ‘woke’ and it is making headlines around the country. And then you get a call from Good Morning Britain…