Crisis management testing


Face to face or online training to meet your needs and timescales.


Real world, current and tested techniques.


Develop, hone and test your crisis response with our working journalists.


Gain confidence that you are well prepared to manage a crisis situation.


Designed around your team's specific needs and experience.

Crisis management testing

The biggest test of a company’s reputation is how it handles a crisis. Some crises will be bigger than others, but all have the potential to cause a media storm, 24 hour news coverage, unhappy customers, employees asking questions and falling share prices.

Your team need to be able to quickly assess the situation, identify the level and risk of the incident, notify all key parties at speed, implement a plan to brief and manage all relevant audiences, produce a holding statement and field spokespeople, as appropriate to communicate your response and actions.

All of which is great in theory, but how will your team cope when the pressure is really on? Our expert team of journalists can help you test your response and then recommend best practice improvements so you can be confident you’ll be ready for any eventuality.

Working with you, we’ll establish a realistic scenario up front and then as the crisis breaks we’ll provide appropriate, professionally produced TV, print, radio and social media coverage to reflect the public mood and move the story on.

We’ll take you through a complete role-play scenario, with a crisis that builds throughout the day, and which will see your team dealing with constant phone calls, putting together and issuing statements, managing press conferences and prioritising appropriate public responses, as they attempt to manage an escalating and unpredictable situation.

Accompanied by a full debrief, our team will ensure you have the best possible preparation for remaining in control when a crisis breaks for real.

Training your way


Our videoconferencing options allows delegates to access all the great training we provide in our classrooms and studios from anywhere in the world, without having to travel.

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Our blended courses combine all the convenience of online learning with the invaluable experience of having your knowledge put to the test by one of our expert tutors.

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We know some people prefer the ease and convenience of online training. That’s why we have created a range of courses that are available whenever and wherever you need them.

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Bespoke, face-to face. Classroom/Studio

Our in-person training can be delivered in our studios and classrooms, in the offices of our clients, hired rooms or office spaces anywhere in the world.  

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We were pleased with the way Media First worked with us to create a scenario which challenged us on a number of different levels. The fast-paced nature of the scenario gave us insight into how we work as a team under pressure, and the way that Media First’s journalists responded in real-time to our response made if feel as genuine as possible and was useful for us as we plan for the future.

— Kew Gardens Executive Team

Our Clients

We have a huge amount of experience in over 40 different sectors such as automotive, charity, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail, travel and many more. Here is a small selection of our clients.


Emma Nelson

Emma's varied TV and radio career makes her particularly adept at helping big brands and niche businesses to hone, simplify and successfully deliver their messages.

Chris Maughan

Chris is a highly respected sports reporter, presenter and producer and has a wealth of experience after more than 20 years with ITV in the south of England.

Charles Abel

A tenacious and experienced news, business and technical journalist, Charles provides blue chip and public sector organisations with the skills to face the toughest interviews.

Paul Brennan

Paul has more than twenty years' experience as a reporter, producer and presenter cross regional and network newsrooms for the BBC, ITV and Five News.

Our Training Team

Our courses are delivered by current working journalists, along with PR and communications professionals - all of whom are expert and experienced trainers.