Dynamic Online Communication

Communicating with your teams effectively during coronavirus and beyond. As self-isolation and working from home becomes the new norm online communication is flourishing. So, how can we ensure we stay connecte…

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What to wear on TV

Your organisation is in the news and the communications team has put you forward as the spokesperson for a television interview. You have had your media training, are well briefed and feeling confident that yo…

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The bridging technique

You’ve probably seen politicians dodge difficult questions. But is it an approach other spokespeople should take? In this short video, Paul Brennan, one of our current working journalist tutors, outlines the be…

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How to handle a crisis in the media

Would you know how to react when the worst happens? Crises can strike all organisations, no matter how big or small. Preparation is key. In this short video, journalist and trainer Judy Aslett reveals how you c…

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How to handle the sofa interview

Don’t get lulled into a false sense of security by the comfy looking sofa when you are invited into a television studio. You are there to do an interview and it is an opportunity to get your message across wit…

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How to prepare for a media interview

We’re sure you know that you cannot wing a media interview and that you need to prepare thoroughly. But what does good preparation look like? Journalist and trainer Paul Brennan is here to guide you through wha…

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How should you communicate when a crisis strikes your organisation?

How should you communicate when a crisis strikes your organisation? In this short video, journalist and trainer Paul Brennan outlines what needs to be included in your crisis communication and t…

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The importance of brand image

What’s your brand image? Do you have a good reputation among your customers and the media? In this short video, journalist and trainer Judy Aslett outlines why brand image is crucial and how a good reputation c…

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Customer case study

Katie Scott-Kurti, Head of Reputation and Communication at the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), discusses how Media First has helped her organisation by delivering a wide range of bespoke c…

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There's so much more to Media First

You may already know us for our high quality, bespoke media training, delivered by current working journalists. But what you may not know is that we work with many of our clients on much, much more. We have d…

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