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Online course design

Our online course design combines the best of face-to-face training with the ease and flexibility of online learning

Online learning has grown dramatically over the past decade.

And it continues to go from strength to strength.

The benefits are clear.

Online courses are convenient and cost-effective, allowing people to future-proof their skills and navigate the evolving world of work from anywhere at any time. They also provide consistent learning outcomes.

We have developed our own and created bespoke branded ones for our customers.

We base our courses on our belief the best online teaching and learning share the same principles as the classroom.

That’s why we combine the best of face-to-face training with the ease and flexibility of an online class.

What makes our online learning courses different?

We believe online courses should be engaging, challenging and practical, allowing delegates to reinforce their knowledge and new skills by putting them into practice.

So, we fuse compelling course content - produced by our current working journalist trainers -with broadcast-quality video production, design and graphics that allow inspiring and entertaining lessons to be delivered remotely.

We can write the scripts, instructional materials and learning resources. We can even provide experienced journalists to present your videos, deliver professional narration and keep students engaged.

And, often (especially when it is communication, management or leadership training), we can provide the content and knowledge too.

But an online course shouldn’t just be about reading and watching. It can be tricky to keep students engaged in an online environment without the power of social learning. So, we create activities to help delegates apply what they've learnt and put it to the test - which also gives you the peace of mind your students understood the learning.

Our team will help you take your expertise, knowledge, subject areas, learner needs and learning objectives and turn them into a great learning experience.

How will our online course design help your business?

We believe there are three main benefits of organisations creating online courses - and they are not just about learning.


An online course can help your teams learn and develop new skills, build on prior knowledge, achieve learning goals and increase productivity.

They can also help deliver change across the organisation.

A bespoke online training course can make the difference between success and failure, if you are rolling out new software or processes.

And it can all be done affordably without needing to get everyone together or travel.


You may want to create an online course you can market or sell - we do.

We have a range of courses customers can pay for to develop their communication skills and knowledge. And our sister company, The BCF Group, offers online business coaching and management training.

Have you considered creating online courses that generate extra revenue for your business? If so, we can help.


An online course can also educate customers. Let’s say you are a tech company, and you notice your customer service team is repeatedly asked the same questions.

Short courses answering those questions could improve the customer experience, increase morale in the customer service team, and make it more efficient.


Whatever your aim and wherever you are in your online course creation, we can help.

If you have an idea for the online training course you want to create, our design process will move it from your imagination to something compelling with your key concept at its heart.

If you are further along in the process, we can bring the finishing touches and production values, ensuring it stands out in a crowded market. And delivers training to the highest standard.


What our customers say about our online course design

Guide Dogs wanted to create a new volunteer role of ‘Media Champion’ to story-spot at a regional level and help increase local media output.

A number of its comms team had already benefited from completing one of our online resources. After a conversation with our account management team, it became clear creating a new, bespoke online course on 'identifying media-friendly stories' would provide the right learning outcomes.


We wanted to give as much help to our new volunteers as we could. To make it easy for them to pick up on what we were looking for from our regional ‘media champions’ and to give them an insight and understanding on what the media want from a story, direct from the journalists themselves.

We’ve worked with Media First many times before and we knew they had the ability to understand and deliver on our brief. The online course they created is a perfect fit. It’s easily accessible, always available and the content is pitched at just the right level. It’s made it much easier to get our new volunteers quickly briefed and we’re really happy with the way it’s working.

— Emma Tucker, Lead regional marketing manager, Guide Dogs

Your questions answered about online course design

Online training is still new to many companies.

So, you may have questions about creating high-quality, effective online courses.

Here are a few we get asked most often.

Yes, not a problem. We use industry-standard software, so the teaching we build works across any online learning environment.

Yes, we can do this. And you have several options.

These will partly depend on how many you want to create and whether you need a unique URL that includes your brand name.

Our account managers will take you through all the options and their pros and cons. Together, we will find the right course solution for your organisation.

We can make this happen.

And we can even ensure you know when delegates complete the learning units or each stage of the training, rather than the entire course if that is something you need.

Tell us what information and monitoring you need and what student success looks like for you, and we will build the background reporting into the course design.

It is vital you carefully consider what level of measurement you need. It will take longer to build a course that monitors the completion of every stage.

So, are you prepared to wait? Or would it be beneficial to have a first version of the course ready to go that you can evolve?

There has been a boom in online classes. And they have many different uses.

We’ve built courses to help businesses train employees and stay ahead of the game.

But we have also developed many courses with different aims and audiences.  Some are created to further increase brand awareness as part of a content marketing strategy and given away for free.

Others support and add value to existing services and products. Many of our online courses help delegates refresh their knowledge after face-to-face training.

But you can also sell your online course. If you want it to be profitable, it will need to solve a problem your customers are experiencing, teach them something new or help them achieve a goal or learning outcome.

Yes - and this is where we come into our own (if we say so ourselves).

We’ve been creating and delivering communication and leadership training for more than 35 years and work with 40 of the FTSE100.

We can use that extensive expertise, experience and understanding of different learning styles to turn your knowledge and information into an inspiring, interactive, and dynamic online training course. 

No. We specialise in creating bespoke, inspiring teaching for online students on any subject matter.

If you have the course knowledge, we will bring it to life with a training course that engages and motivates your audience and helps you achieve your learning objectives.

With access to our own TV, radio, and podcasting facilities, together with professional trainers, course developers, designers, copywriters and editors, we are well placed to create exciting and compelling course material that gets results.

It will depend on what you want to achieve with your course.

Return on investment is not always financial. If you need a new course to train your teams, you must consider what will happen if you don’t provide adequate learning activities.

Staff turnover could increase, and apathy could run rife. New services, products and policies could fail.

But a course that motivates and inspires students might lead to better staff engagement levels, boost productivity and improve retention. Your employees will feel you are investing in them and their development.

If you are giving your course away for free, you could measure the quality of leads it generates and brand awareness. If you charge for your course, have the topics covered boosted revenue and improved customer satisfaction levels?

Ultimately, there is more than one way to measure the success of your course. We’ll work with you to identify the best metrics for your organisation and its aim and objectives.

There are a few of us. We have access to professional trainers, presenters, course developers, designers, writers and editors. We also have a team of audio and video technicians – everything your course will need under one roof.

And we bring them together to create learning products that always exceed expectations. 

Training and teaching are in our DNA. We have been designing and delivering bespoke communication and leadership training for more than 35 years, and we work with 40 of the FTSE100.

And increasingly, we have been teaching online.

We know what course materials and online resources work and encourage students in an online environment. And what distracts the learning process.

Our customers trust us to get it right every time. For many, we are more than training providers.

Why? Because we take time to understand their needs, aims and learning outcomes and work with them to find the perfect course solution.

As teaching and learning have evolved, we increasingly take our expertise, knowledge, best practice and experience and package them into brilliant self-paced learning courses that make the classroom available whenever and wherever you need it.

Like the sound of our course creation?

Whatever your aim and wherever you are with your course creation, we can help.

Get in touch with one of our account managers.

They will explore your course needs, learning objectives and ambitions and explain our course creation services in more detail.

Our Clients

We have a huge amount of experience in over 40 different sectors such as automotive, charity, finance, healthcare, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, retail, travel and many more. Here is a small selection of our clients.

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