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Crisis management, Social media — 11 November by Adam Fisher

Doughnut saga turns into sweet PR success story

Have you heard the story about a doughnut company which almost turned a human-interest story into a reputational disaster but ultimately enjoyed the sweet taste of PR success? Krispy Kreme has…


General media skills, TV interview skills, Crisis management - 8 November by Adam Fisher

Weird reaction pushes citizen journalism interview to wider audience

Media Skills Training, Spokesperson training - 6 November by Adam Fisher

Spokesperson endures empty chair humiliation

Crisis management, Social media —  4 November by Adam Fisher

How to respond to the threat of a social media boycott

Spokesperson training, TV interview skills —  1 November by Adam Fisher

Angry response to question results in own goal

Spokesperson training —  28 October by Adam Fisher

The leadership communication lessons you can learn from Zuckerberg's latest grilling

One of the more memorable interrogations from last week didn’t take place during a media interview. It saw one of the world’s most powerful men deliver a jittery, nervous performance, which resulted…


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Jim Rosenthal

Jim began his career in local newspapers and BBC local and national radio before becoming one of the best known presenters of television sport in Britain.

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Emma's varied TV and radio career makes her particularly adept at helping big brands and niche businesses to hone, simplify and successfully deliver their messages.

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Keme is an award-winning news and current affairs television correspondent and presenter who has worked for Channel 4 News and ITV News for two decades.

Siân Jones

A professional TV news anchor, conference host and writer, Siân is highly experienced as a presentations, media, web cast, autocue and communications trainer.

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