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Our team of current working journalists delivers bespoke, authentic, realistic and effective face-to-face and online training so that your organisation communicates with confidence, credibility and control.

What our delegates think

Fantastic. Should also be used in preparation for specific client engagements, media engagements, etc. Trainer and facility are brilliant.

David H
19th June 2024

I would definitely recommend.

Claire M
19th June 2024

Helpful, focused and professional. I am feeling more confident now

Lucy F
19th June 2024

It is short , general, challenging to unify ideas comming from different places.

To do it deeply , specific to regions context

Fadoua B
19th June 2024

Really succinct and helpful - needs to be followed up with a lot of consistent practice

Varun A
19th June 2024

I really enjoyed the course. It was great to have real live sim like experiences.

Michael P
18th June 2024

Media Skills Training — 20 June by Adam Fisher

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What PR and media teams need to do differently now AI is changing newsrooms

Crisis management —  6 June by Adam Fisher

Crisis comms lessons from ‘one of the largest hacks in history’

General media skills —  4 June by Adam Fisher

This is what journalists want from you

The relationship between journalists and comms and PR professionals can often feel complicated. Some might say ‘strained’. Others might describe it as ‘love/hate’. But both sides need each other…


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Jim Rosenthal

Jim began his career in local newspapers and BBC local and national radio before becoming one of the best known presenters of television sport in Britain.

Keme Nzerem

Keme is an award-winning news and current affairs television correspondent and presenter who has worked for Channel 4 News and ITV News for two decades.

Sian Jones

A professional TV news anchor and host, Siân is highly experienced as a presentations, media and communications trainer.

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Our courses are delivered by current working journalists, along with PR and communications professionals - all of whom are expert and experienced trainers.


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