Spokesperson training, General media skills, Radio interview skills, TV interview skills — 1 June by Simon Brooke

Brain fade? Here’s how to handle it

It’s everyone’s worst nightmare. You’re in the middle of a presentation or coming to a critical point in a media interview and suddenly your mind goes blank. What on earth were you going to say?…


Crisis management, Media Skills Training — 1 June by James White

6 crisis media management lessons from the Cummings saga

General media skills, Media Skills Training, Presentation skills — 29 May by James White

10 top tips for better online meetings

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Media Skills Training, Spokesperson training, Crisis management — 26 May by James White

CEO shows how not to deliver bad news during a remote interview

It is not often a spokesperson feels the need to apologise after a media interview. But that is what one chief executive did after his TV performance was met with damaging headlines and a social…


General media skills, Spokesperson training — 25 May by Adam Fisher

The characteristics of a good media spokesperson

If you don’t have anyone to tell your story, no one will hear it. Spokespeople promote their organisation’s achievements and defend its reputation during crisis media management incidents. But…


General media skills, Spokesperson training — 20 May by Media First

The bridging technique – how to get over that bridge

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Gove’s guarantee gaffe and how to handle this tricky question

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How our online training can help you give your best performance from your laptop

Crisis management —  18 May by James White

8 tips for communicating with your teams effectively during the coronavirus crisis

We’ve always stressed the importance of effective internal communications during a crisis. And that has never been truer than during the coronavirus crisis. Within the space of just a few weeks,…