Crisis management — 11 August by Adam Fisher

How did ASDA respond to ‘poverty markers’ backlash?

Price is on everyone’s mind. As the cost-of-living crisis grips and purse strings tighten, we are all looking to find those small savings to help the household budget.   So, you might think a…


General media skills — 9 August by Adam Fisher

How can comms professionals build their resilience?

Media Skills Training, Spokesperson training — 4 August by Adam Fisher

Could your spokesperson handle an interview that has gone off track?

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General media skills, Media Skills Training — 2 August by Adam Fisher

How do you create a powerful key message your spokespeople can deliver?

Creating the right message, and ensuring it is heard by your audience, is often harder than it sounds. You need something that stands out from the noise and that people absorb and can…


Media Skills Training, General media skills — 26 July by Adam Fisher

How to write an op-ed that will get published

So, you think you’ve got something interesting to say. An op-ed can be an excellent way to showcase your expertise and thought leadership to millions of people. They can help you persuade,…


Crisis management, Media Skills Training — 21 July by Adam Fisher

Is your CEO really your best crisis spokesperson?

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General media skills, Media Skills Training —  19 July by Adam Fisher

Should you use messaging house to develop your messages?

Media Skills Training, General media skills —  14 July by Adam Fisher

A PR move for the digital age or a gamble with lots to lose and little to gain?

Crisis management, General media skills —  12 July by Dr Judy Aslett

Should your company speak out on political and social issues?

There was a time when business and political activism were separate. Or so we are led to believe by those who tell us companies shouldn’t get involved in politics.  Business is business,…