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Crisis management, Social media — 11 November by Adam Fisher

Doughnut saga turns into sweet PR success story

Have you heard the story about a doughnut company which almost turned a human-interest story into a reputational disaster but ultimately enjoyed the sweet taste of PR success? Krispy Kreme has…


General media skills, TV interview skills, Crisis management — 8 November by Adam Fisher

Weird reaction pushes citizen journalism interview to wider audience

Media Skills Training, Spokesperson training — 6 November by Adam Fisher

Spokesperson endures empty chair humiliation

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Crisis management, Social media — 4 November by Adam Fisher

How to respond to the threat of a social media boycott

If you’ve been on social media recently, chances are you may have seen posts calling for a boycott of a particular brand. #Boycott has become an increasingly popular way of consumers showing their…


Spokesperson training, TV interview skills — 1 November by Adam Fisher

Angry response to question results in own goal

With yet another general election on the horizon, you might have expected us to feature an interview given by a politician in today's media training blog.  They are certainly filling the airwaves…


Spokesperson training — 28 October by Adam Fisher

The leadership communication lessons you can learn from Zuckerberg's latest grilling

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Crisis management —  23 October by Adam Fisher

Tornado apology strikes the right tone

Crisis management, Social media —  21 October by Adam Fisher

Mobile meltdown: How Three bungled its outage response

Presentation skills —  18 October by Adam Fisher

How to handle audience questions during your presentation

Presentations can be scary. And one of the parts that frightens people the most is answering questions from the audience. On our presentations skills training courses, we often find that delegates…