communication skills, leadership communication — 5 December by Adam Fisher

How can you better communicate change in your organisation?

Communicating change effectively is crucial. It is essential for getting people on-side and gaining their buy-in. But while change is an inevitable part of working life, the communication around it…


leadership communication — 28 November by Adam Fisher

Inspiring Teams: The Key Role of Good Communication in Effective Leadership

Spokesperson training, Media Skills Training — 23 November by Adam Fisher

The interview that shows why it is all about the storytelling

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Crisis management — 23 November by Adam Fisher

2023 – A year in crisis

The biggest stories of 2023 were not just about political upheaval, international conflict, the impacts of climate change and the soaring cost of living. Numerous organisations have also found there…


General media skills, Spokesperson training, Media Skills Training — 21 November by Adam Fisher

Not such a clever(ly) way to handle tough interview questions

It’s almost the time of year when we review the best and worst interviews of the past 12 months. The list has been compiled (and we’ve checked it twice) ahead of our masterclass in December, which…


Crisis management, General media skills — 16 November by Adam Fisher

Does the ‘war on woke’ make you worry about communicating positive change?

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Crisis management —  14 November by Adam Fisher

The story of the communication company that failed to communicate

Social media —  9 November by Adam Fisher

Could social media humour work for your brand?

Spokesperson training, Media Skills Training —  7 November by Adam Fisher

What advice would you offer someone about to give a radio interview?

Did you know that nine in 10 people listen to the radio at least once a week? Or that four in 10 adults get their news from the radio? Radio can sometimes be an overlooked format, perhaps lacking…