Crisis management — 19 May by Adam Fisher

Steps you can take now to ensure you respond quickly during a crisis

When a crisis strikes, you ideally have about 15 minutes to respond. Some argue you have a maximum of an hour. Others say that at a time when news often breaks on social media, 15 minutes is too…


Media Skills Training, Spokesperson training — 17 May by Adam Fisher

Media training lessons from a ‘horrendous’ interview

General media skills, Media Skills Training — 12 May by Adam Fisher

What do journalists think of your attempts to grab their attention?

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Crisis management — 10 May by Adam Fisher

What can we learn about crisis comms from ‘beergate’?

Another week, and yet more stories about what politicians got up to when covid restrictions were in place. Whether Labour leader Keir Starmer having a beer and eating curry with colleagues is as bad…


— 5 May by Adam Fisher

The story of the pensioner riding buses to keep warm and the importance of empathy in your media interviews

It is not often a journalist reveals how they think a tricky question should have been answered. Not outside of our media training courses, anyway. But that did happen with one of the most…


Crisis management, General media skills — 3 May by Adam Fisher

Tools and techniques to help comms pros (and others) better manage their time

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General media skills, Spokesperson training, Media Skills Training —  26 April by Adam Fisher

How can your spokesperson become an expert media source even when you don’t have a story to tell?

Presentation skills —  21 April by Adam Fisher

The four Ps you need to focus on for your next presentation

Crisis management —  14 April by Adam Fisher

14 types of crises your organisation could face

A crisis can take many shapes and forms. Each has the potential to generate social media storms, round the clock TV coverage and put brand reputations at risk. The key to emerging from a crisis…