Crisis management — 4 March by Adam Fisher

The picture that went viral and destroyed a reputation

Few people without an interest in horse racing would have heard of Gordon Elliott until recently. But one viral image has ensured he is now known across the world. And not for the reasons he, or…


Crisis management — 2 March by Adam Fisher

5 poorly handled crisis incidents and the lessons you can learn from them

General media skills, TV interview skills, Spokesperson training — 23 February by Adam Fisher

The row (and broom) that swept away the message

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Crisis management — 18 February by Adam Fisher

What you can learn from these latest off-the-cuff gaffes

Two meetings, two gaffes and two resignations. The Tokyo Olympics and KPMG have found themselves firmly in the media spotlight in the past few weeks after bosses made ill-judged comments. And the…


Social media, Media Skills Training — 16 February by Adam Fisher

Lessons from tweet that showed the recipe for social media success

Now, we could bring you our thoughts on the latest high-profile media interview. But then we thought it would be much better if we took a look at the story that got Britain talking – whether…


Crisis management — 11 February by Adam Fisher

5 expertly handled crisis incidents and the lessons you can learn from them

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Media Skills Training, Spokesperson training —  9 February by Adam Fisher

What the world's worst Zoom meeting can teach us about a story being newsworthy

Media Skills Training, Spokesperson training, Crisis management —  4 February by Adam Fisher

Why you need to stop beginning your media interviews with pleasantries

Spokesperson training, Radio interview skills, General media skills —  2 February by Adam Fisher

Spokesperson shows how to give your media interviews a shot in the arm

We love it when we hear and see excellent interviews we can highlight in this media training blog. There is always plenty that can be learnt from watching other spokespeople – one reason we…