Crisis management — 15 April by Adam Fisher

How can you ensure your crisis responses are seen by the media and your customers?

Social media This is another place people are going to turn to for information. So, make sure your statements are visible on your social media accounts. One of the best ways to do this is to pin…


Crisis management, General media skills — 13 April by Adam Fisher

Has the Co-op put its reputation at risk?

General media skills, Spokesperson training — 8 April by Adam Fisher

How to prepare your spokespeople for podcast appearances

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Media Skills Training, Presentation skills, Crisis management — 6 April by Adam Fisher

How can you make the most of your online training?

Don’t multi-task There is always a temptation with online courses to quickly check your social media or to take a look at the email that has just popped into your inbox. But if you are multi-tasking,…


Spokesperson training, Media Skills Training — 30 March by Adam Fisher

Deliveroo shows why statements fail to deliver

I understand talking to the media can feel daunting and that writing down exactly what you want to say and sending it over email seems safer and easier. But it is also usually the wrong option. A…


Media Skills Training, Spokesperson training — 25 March by Adam Fisher

How a council dealt with the story of the ‘worst housing conditions in Britain’

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Crisis management, Media Skills Training —  23 March by Adam Fisher

The story of ‘inhumane’ working conditions and the missing factors in the response

Presentation skills —  18 March by Adam Fisher

Can you over-prepare for a presentation?

Spokesperson training, General media skills, Media Skills Training —  16 March by Adam Fisher

Prince William forgets golden rule of media training

There is some advice we give far more often than others during our media training courses. One of our golden rules we discuss during almost every course is the importance of spokespeople not…