Crisis management — 15 June by Adam Fisher

What can other organisations learn from BrewDog’s sobering social media storm?

There can be many causes of a crisis media management incident. When we ask delegates on our crisis communication training courses to suggest what might cause a reputational crisis for their…


Spokesperson training, General media skills, Media Skills Training — 10 June by Adam Fisher

What can we learn from the tennis star who didn’t want to talk to the media?

General media skills, Media Skills Training — 8 June by Adam Fisher

What do journalists want from PR pros?

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Spokesperson training, General media skills — 3 June by Adam Fisher

How to give feedback to senior leaders about their media interviews

Giving feedback to senior leaders about their latest media interview can be a tough conversation. It can be particularly daunting and challenging if that feedback is negative. But, as many…


Presentation skills — 27 May by Adam Fisher

Are you overlooking this crucial part of delivering a powerful presentation?

This blog is based on a module on our new online presentation skills and personal impact skills course. Developed by our expert tutors, it will show you how to overcome your concerns and fears about…


Spokesperson training, Media Skills Training — 25 May by Adam Fisher

CEO shows how to handle questions about a competitor

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Spokesperson training, TV interview skills, Media Skills Training —  20 May by Adam Fisher

Do you know what we found annoying about this interview?

General media skills, Spokesperson training —  18 May by Adam Fisher

CEO becomes latest leader to face backlash over ‘back to work’ comments

Spokesperson training, Media Skills Training —  13 May by Adam Fisher

Is it ok to ask what the first question will be in a media interview?

If you have been on one of our media training courses before, you will know that in the UK it is not advised to ask journalists for their questions ahead of an interview. It is an approach that is…