Media Skills Training, Spokesperson training — 23 July by Adam Fisher

Spokesperson shows how to handle a hypothetical question

If you’ve been on one of our media training courses before, you’ll know journalists love to speculate about the future. ‘What would happen if?’ is a question that regularly comes up in media…


Crisis management, Social media — 15 July by Adam Fisher

Employee tweet puts company in the spotlight

Media Skills Training, General media skills, Spokesperson training — 13 July by Adam Fisher

The psychology behind creating messages that resonate

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Media Skills Training, Social media, Crisis management, General media skills — 8 July by Adam Fisher

Naming disaster sees launch trend for all the wrong reasons

Imagine being a new start-up and almost immediately finding yourself trending on social media. Not only that, but you generate coverage in the Financial Times and Daily Mail. Sounds great,…


Spokesperson training, Media Skills Training — 6 July by Adam Fisher

How to manage multiple media interviews on the same day (and not sound robotic)

Media interviews can be a bit like buses. There can be times when you have little opportunity to put your media training skills to the test. And there can be other occasions when you are in high…


Social media, Crisis management — 1 July by Adam Fisher

What can you learn from the apology that went viral?

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Spokesperson training, General media skills, TV interview skills —  24 June by Adam Fisher

A hopeless way to handle a difficult question?

22 June by Adam Fisher

5 common smartphone video mistakes (and how to avoid them)

General media skills, Media Skills Training —  17 June by Adam Fisher

GB News: Will it be short-lived or is it a station you will need to consider for story pitches

Britain’s first new television news channel for two decades launched on Sunday. GB News is a channel we have been told will set ‘a fresh agenda’ and that it will ‘give a voice to those who have been…