Spokesperson training, General media skills — 28 September by James White

How authenticity helped this businesswoman turn a sickening act into something positive

When Maggie Ogunbanwo's family home and business was the target of a hate crime, growing her profile couldn’t have been further from her mind. Yet a few months on, and the horrific incident has led…


Crisis management, General media skills — 23 September by James White

What can you learn from this five-minute apology?

Media Skills Training, Spokesperson training, Radio interview skills — 21 September by James White

The £1 billion question: How one spokesperson tackled a tricky issue

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Spokesperson training, Media Skills Training, TV interview skills, Radio interview skills — 16 September by James White

What's better: Online or face-to-face media training?

We’ve always prided ourselves on making our media training courses as close to the real thing as possible. So, when Covid-19 shifted the media landscape, our training had to evolve with it and…


Media Skills Training, Spokesperson training — 14 September by James White

13 more bridging phrases and how to use this key media training technique well

We’ve highlighted several media interviews recently where spokespeople have tried to manage difficult questions by answering something completely different. And we have shown how we are increasingly…


General media skills, Spokesperson training — 9 September by James White

6 ways to gain media coverage when you don’t have any news

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Spokesperson training, TV interview skills, General media skills —  7 September by James White

The key lesson to learn from the astonishing interview you asked us to look at

Radio interview skills, Spokesperson training, General media skills —  3 September by James White

Would you feel comfortable saying ‘I don’t know’ in a media interview?

Spokesperson training, General media skills —  1 September by James White

Why telephone print interviews have become increasingly important

We’ve looked in some detail in this media training blog about how coronavirus has changed the broadcast media landscape. What we haven’t covered to the same extent until now is the impact it has had…