General media skills, Media Skills Training — 23 September by Adam Fisher

What can comms teams learn about managing expectations from an elite sports coach?

Have you been asked to make something mundane ‘go viral’? Perhaps you have been requested to gain front page national newspaper coverage for a niche or hyper-local story. Ok, maybe we are…


— 21 September by Adam Fisher

How to write the perfect media briefing for your spokesperson

Spokesperson training, Media Skills Training — 16 September by Adam Fisher

Mountains, tents and the power of metaphors in media interviews

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Spokesperson training, Media Skills Training, General media skills — 14 September by Adam Fisher

Trading places: 7 reasons why you should target trade publications

Trade publications may not have the glamour of mainstream newspapers or appearing on TV or radio. In fact, some publications like Potato Storage International, Drain Trader and Poultry World have…


— 9 September by Adam Fisher

Our analysis of the interview you asked us to look at

One of the parts we enjoy most about writing our media training blogs is the interviews our readers ask us to review. It’s always great to see the media appearances that have caught your attention…


Spokesperson training, Media Skills Training, TV interview skills — 7 September by Adam Fisher

Media training lessons from two interview gaffes

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Presentation skills, Spokesperson training, Crisis management —  31 August by Adam Fisher

When should you use an autocue?

Crisis management —  24 August by Adam Fisher

Should you add context to your crisis responses?

Spokesperson training, Radio interview skills, Media Skills Training —  17 August by Adam Fisher

Why it’s back to school for this spokesperson

It’s that time of year where much of the news coverage is filled by exam results. Students across the country have been receiving their A-level, GCSE and BTEC grades. TV screens, radio airwaves and…