Crisis management — 21 May by Adam Fisher

‘I’m not your mum’ – the video updates that triggered a crisis

Have you heard about the tech giant plunged into crisis media management mode by its PR boss? The story has created headlines across the globe and triggered new debate about workplace cultures. It…


Media Skills Training, Spokesperson training — 16 May by Adam Fisher

What should be included in a Media Training course?

Crisis management — 14 May by Adam Fisher

How would you manage the crisis comms after this cyber-attack?

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Crisis management — 9 May by Adam Fisher

How do you solve a problem like Co-op Live?

As venue openings go, it is hard to imagine how the Cop-op Live arena could have got off to a worse start. The new 23,500-capacity arena has been plagued by cancellations, postponed shows, falling…


General media skills, Media Skills Training — 7 May by Adam Fisher

Still black and white - but are newspapers read all over in 2024?

Print interviews continue to be a crucial component of our media training courses. But do people still read newspapers? When was the last time you bought a paper? Has print become a niche medium…


smartphone video, General media skills — 2 May by Adam Fisher

How can you make professional video on your smartphone?

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What does Unilever’s ESG backtrack mean for other brands?

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Entrepreneur shows how to give a great podcast interview

Media Skills Training, Spokesperson training —  18 April by Adam Fisher

How an evasive interview approach left a great stink

“You are doing really well in not answering my questions.” That was the comment from a journalist during an attention-grabbing interview this week. The frustrated reaction, which offers many media…