Crisis management — 19 February by Adam Fisher

When trying to avoid panic leads to hysteria

It is understandable that health authorities don’t want the public to panic about the coronavirus. But could the desire to avoid that alarm and fear actually cause more hysteria? The threat of…


— 17 February by Adam Fisher

Does this resurfaced footage prove spokespeople should worry about giving media interviews?

Spokesperson training, Crisis management, TV interview skills — 12 February by Adam Fisher

Doorstep disaster or a masterclass in distraction?

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Spokesperson training, TV interview skills, Media Skills Training — 10 February by Adam Fisher

Adviser’s intervention turns a good news story into a horror show

You have seen interviews where the spokesperson has brought proceedings to an abrupt end when they don’t like a line of questioning. But how about when the PR team becomes unhappy with the…


— 5 February by Adam Fisher

Why silence was golden in this crisis

The usual advice is for brands to avoid staying quiet during a crisis. In fact, it is a golden crisis communication training rule. But one organisation has decided that doing nothing and saying…


Crisis management, General media skills, Social media — 3 February by Adam Fisher

Kobe Bryant and the haste for news during a crisis

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Media Skills Training, Spokesperson training —  29 January by Adam Fisher

‘I didn’t say that’ – spokesperson’s denial makes a bad story worse

General media skills, Media Skills Training, Radio interview skills —  24 January by Adam Fisher

Why avoiding this evasive response to a tricky question was as simple as ABC

22 January by Adam Fisher

Why this was a great social media apology

How often have you seen a good brand apology? While there seems to be more apologies than ever, few are effective. Many feel like they have been issued through gritted teeth. And then there are of…