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Not every radio interview is the Today Programme, and with more radio stations in the UK than ever before, the scope of their activities is vast. Yet nearly all carry news in some form, and all are hungry for information.

Influence, Not Intrusion

Even more than television, radio is an intimate medium: it's often a background to our lives, in the car, the kitchen, when we're getting ready for work. And we listen selectively, mentally tuning in and out as the mood suits us.

Our media training courses recognise this and, by using practising broadcasters as mentors who know how radio functions, we coach techniques that maximise radio's impact and minimise its dangers.

Word Pictures

The one thing that all great spokespeople have in common is the ability to create pictures with words; indeed radio should make poets of us all. If that seems daunting, it needn't.

We naturally use images in our everyday speech; they help us explain complex points and underline important issues. Using metaphors wisely is one of the great radio techniques, a skill that most of us possess and which often needs honing not learning.

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