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Appearing on television is flattery and fear in equal measure, yet it looks so simple when you see it every night. Smile, sound confident, state your case, answer the questions. In reality though, when you're in an unfamiliar television studio - surrounded by unfamiliar people doing unfathomable jobs - it all becomes that little bit harder.

A Practical Approach

There's nothing in your normal working life that prepares you for it. No matter how important the presentation, nor how crucial the meeting; nothing prepares you for a television interview but a television interview.

That's why our training courses seek to make the experience as real as possible, but in the safe, friendly and confidential atmosphere of our own purpose built studios.

Because Media First uses practising journalists who know and understand how television news works, we can teach you the techniques that make successful spokespeople. Should you smile? How should you speak? If the questioning becomes aggressive, how should you react?

Making Your Point

And most important of all, how do you make sure that your side of the story is told? What are your objectives? Are your key messages planned? Are they strong enough?

Our journalist trainers can show how a line of questioning might prevent you from putting your case successfully and can explain how to bring an interview back on track and turn a negative into a positive.

They review your performances with an expert eye, give practical advice that a you can understand and coach you in the techniques that professional broadcasters use.

How Do I Look?

We are all conscious of what we say and how we say it, but when the pressure's on it's easy to forget how we look. Television is an intimate medium and demands an intimate approach.

Many of us talk with our hands, use expansive body language or avert our eyes. On television this can look suspicious or even insincere. It is essential that the image you portray matches the message you deliver and that you are seen as authentic. Impossible without looking beneath the surface and preparing internally as well as externally.

Using video recordings Media First shows you how mistakes can be avoided and how simple positive thinking tactics can make it possible for even nervous performers to become relaxed and assured.

To find out how we can help you and your spokespeople please get in touch.