Dynamic Online Communication

Communicating with your teams effectively during coronavirus and beyond.

As self-isolation and working from home becomes the new norm, online communication is flourishing. So, how can we ensure we stay connected and communicate dynamically online to reassure, support, lead and motivate others - whether you are a senior leader or managing a communications team - when all around us seems uncertain and surreal?

Join Siân Jones, one of our leading online tutors, to understand the top tips for success and ensure you are the best you can be online.

Watch our webinar to discover...

  • Why face to face meetings and virtual ones are so different
  • What factors to consider for online impact
  • The body language that will improve your online presenting
  • When live online meetings work best
  • How to show you care while staying connected
  • Journalistic tips and tricks to improve engagement
  • How to adjust your vocal energy to sound authentic and engaging
  • Getting ahead of technology challenges
  • How to properly engage with your audience
  • Developing compelling, interactive content

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