“Traditional marketing is telling the world you're a rock star. Content marketing is showing that you are” — Robert Rose

Tailor your video sound bite from the customisable templates below 

You'll select the background colour of your opening and closing title card with your logo like so 

ZSL GREEN_250.png  ZSL Title Logo outline_250.png  ZSL white on black title_250.png 

If you'd like a question card, choose your style using your selected pantone colour and one of the options below

ZSL Green question card_250.pngZSL question card green outline_250.pngzsl green question card_250.png (1)   ZSL white question card outlined_250.png   ZSL Black text q card outlined_250.png

Choose your caption colours, using either your selected pantone colour or the black and white options below

ZSL Nic Green Name_250.pngSandra Crewe Geen Block_250.png   Sandra Crewe Black Block_250.png 

Choose whether you'd like subtitles

Sandra Green Block Green Op text_250.png   Sandra Black Block Black op text_250.png   Sandra White Block White text_250.png

Then you'll choose your contact card style

ZSL END Green icons outlined1_250.png (1)   ZSL END black on white outlined1_250.png   ZSL END white on black_250.png (1)

If you'd like a different closing title card you can choose to supply additional artwork, similar to the below

ZSL end logo outlined_250.png 

We put it all together for you to give you something like this