Press handling training

Whether it's pure news reporting or comment and analysis, the press - both online and print - remain as important as ever.

Knowing how the press gathers and chooses the stories it runs and how it sieves and analyses the information it collects is vital to good media relations.

The media feeds off itself; stories in the trade, regional and local press one day end up as national news the next. And the internet and social media play a part too, making information immediately accessible worldwide, 24/7. All of these sources demand content, all are opportunities for coverage.

Opinion Is All

In broadcasting the audience hears only what you say - the press have more time.
Time to edit and analyse, to seek opinions that may not match your own and to add their own comment.

Real Experience

Media First press interviews show how it happens in reality. The interview you give is taken right through the editorial process so you can see a final, printed version and judge how much of your original intention remains.

It's a unique method of training that helps you keep control of the message and learn how best to put your side of the argument.

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