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Provided as part of the Premier League Lifeskills programme.


Training programmes for all development age groups and abilities.


Realistic, practical, demanding, fun and effective training.


Training delivered by current working sports journalists.


Face to face or online training to meet your needs and timescales.

Media myth-busting & interview ‘survival’ skills workshop

Key features

Provided in association with the Premier League Lifeskills programme, our training is designed to be fun, punchy, interactive and realistic, with the aim to get players thinking and doing.

All our training is designed specifically to fit your busy training schedule with flexible length sessions on a date to suit you. 

Our team of experienced sports journalists, presenters and camera operators are also great trainers, primed and ready to get the very best interview performance from your Academy players. And as the media skills they’ll learn with us are transferable skills, you’ll see a difference in how your players communicate, every day.

What will your players learn?

In this hands-on course, our experienced trainers will guide players through how to be confident, credible and engaging in a media interview, and give them the chance to put their skills to the test in broadcast interviews to camera and mic.

Players will learn:

  • How the media works and what sports journalists and editors want from players in an interview.
  • How to prepare on the spot...and never be lost for words.
  • A simple ‘toolkit’ to help players execute great interviews, and manage the ‘curveball’ question.
  • Confidence to convey personality without losing credibility: what to say and how to say it...well!
  • How to tell ‘your story’ and develop and your ‘personal brand’.
  • How to maximise performance with body language and voice coaching.
  • How to use the media to build and protect your own and your club’s professional profile.

What else is included?

  • Tailored sessions to different age groups, confidence levels and abilities.
  • Realistic, practical interviews in a safe environment with playback, review and coaching.
  • Written post-course feedback on group and individual interview performances with suggested tips for improvement.
  • Access to all recorded interviews, showcasing your players’ interview styles and abilities.
  • Access to a 20-minute, self-guided online media training module, specially designed for Academies.

Our team will help your players become more confident, skilful and engaging in media interviews

Mark McQuillan

Mark reports and presents for Sky Sports News, ITV News and 5 News anchoring live news coverage and handling breaking news.



Howard Bentham

Howard has been a radio presenter, newsreader, reporter and sports commentator for well over two decades and was also a qualified teacher in his past life

Susan Bookbinder

A passionate football supporter and journalist of more than 3 decades’ experience, Susan was the first woman to read the national classified football results on British radio.

Chris Maughan

Presented, reported and produced sport coverage for ITV Meridian, as well as representing ITV Sport at football and rugby world cups.

Chelsea FC Academy media training with Media First

"The training really helps to remove the fear and mistrust our young players have of talking to journalists and it gives them the key skills they need to prepare for and give a more confident, professional interview. The players have grown in confidence and now see a media interview as an opportunity to represent themselves, the club and football in general – not something to be endured! Not only are they now producing excellent interviews, but we’ve seen a huge improvement in their communication skills all round."

Who we've already worked with

Here's what your academy players' time with us could look like

Setting the scene

To get players engaged from the get-go a ‘shout out’ will challenge the negative perception some may have of the media and encourage the group to instead consider the opportunity it presents

  • What do you think of the media?
  • What words come to mind when you think of a ‘journalist’
  • What are the ‘risks’ associated with talking to the media?
  • How can you use the media to your advantage?
  • Where do you watch your sport heroes and what do you want to see from them?
  • Who do you think in sport has a good media profile and why?

Understanding the media

  • What is a sports journalist actually looking for in an interview?
  • A day in the life of a sports journalist
  • What might be your media obligations as a club player?
  • Some dos and don’ts when giving interviews
  • What to do if you are contacted by the media
  • On and off the record – what does it mean?

Video examples - the good, the bad and the ugly

Audience workshop

  • Who’s watching?
  • Why are they interested in what you say?
  • How to visualise your ‘audience’ during an interview
  • Create your own ‘My Audience’ Avatar!

The importance of PREPARATION before an interview

  • Why it’s important to plan what you want to say
  • A simple technique to help you prepare on the spot
  • Using examples, stories and anecdotes to bring your interview to life
  • Adding personality without losing credibility
  • Developing your ‘personal story’ and practicing how to tell it!

The different styles of media interview

  • Print, radio & TV broadcast, pre-record, live, studio, ENG, DTL, news conference
  • ‘Superflash’, ‘Mixed Zone’, feature / profile, club channel and more…
  • Creating content for your club digital and social media channels
  • Premier League Rules – what could be my media duties?

Practical interview session

Players will be asked to volunteer to give an interview to camera with playback and coaching.

Body language and voice coaching workshop

  • Eye contact and body language
  • What to do with your hands
  • The power of a smile
  • Maximising your voice for broadcast

How to manage the curveball question

  • A simple tool to keep your interview on track
  • What to do if you don’t know the answer
  • How to keep your cool and never be lost for words

Q&A to journalist

I would recommend Media First to any club looking to improve the confidence of its players when they face the media.

Being able to give a decent interview in the run up to or after a match is an increasingly important part of a player’s armoury. Media First’s training is really practical with experienced sports journalists and presenters who give you a toolbox of simple skills that make the experience much less daunting.

— Dave Edwards, ex Premier League player

What our learners think

insightful overview of the media and tools at our disposal to ensure we optimise our opportunities for media engagement and benefit

james c
22nd February 2024

Really insightful and learnt a lot. Gained in confidence throughout the day

Lucy R
22nd February 2024

Very useful. Great content with lots of opportunities to practice and receive feedback. Its means you can improve through the day and the trainers are fantastic at giving you a real world experience in a supportive environment.

Tom H
22nd February 2024

It’s a must, for anyone who needs to talk to the media.

Tim D
22nd February 2024

Good tips and willing to help you how to learn

Isaac B
21st February 2024

A helpful course that provides practical tools to help prepare for and undertake media interviews. But also tools that are transferable to any context where you are talking about activity to someone.

Rob L
20th February 2024

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