Case Study: Wessex Academic Health Science Network

Helping a new organisation promote its achievements

The course covered print, radio and television interviews to help participants improve their understanding of the media and how it can be harnessed to communicate with their audience.

Our Account Managers designed a bespoke course to meet the specific needs of the participants. The training was led by current working journalists who know what it takes to engage an audience. They worked with the participants to build their confidence, give them the skills to handle difficult questions and help them to develop, control and communicate key messages.

What made Media First stand out as the company to deliver the training?

“We are a relatively new organisation and we are beginning to demonstrate a real difference with our health and wealth programmes and are very keen to make sure we can communicate effectively the impact we are making to improve the health of people in the Wessex region.

“Media First were recommended to us by one of our member organisations as a company who could meet our specific requirements.

“The training was challenging. We all had the opportunity to learn and practice skills and while everyone was exhausted by the end of the day, we all felt it was extremely valuable in terms of dealing with the media in the future. There is a real keenness now to get stuck in and get some of our messages out there.

“Being taught by working journalists was very beneficial. It is important to be talking with people who are living it day to day. It felt very real and although the training took place in a safe environment it felt edgy because of the freshness they brought and the insights that they gave.

“Having a full time account and administration team on hand made the process of booking the course and ensuring it met our requirements very smooth.”

Martin Stephens, Chief Executive, Wessex Academic Health Science Network

How have participants benefited from the training Media First delivered?

Media First is exceptionally proud of the overwhelmingly positive feedback we received from members of the Wessex Academic Health Science Network senior management team who took part in our training. Comments included:

“The two tutors really complemented each other and boosted confidence through their positive style and advice.

Director of Partnerships

“Receiving both individual and group feedback was helpful to build team confidence.”

Director, Wessex Centre for Implementation Science

“The advice on preparing for interviews was really valuable and there were some excellent practical elements to the training.”

Director of Quality and Improvement

“We appreciated the real studio environments your building allowed – it is a real strength.”

Director of Wealth & Enterprise