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Crisis communication training courses

If meeting the media is stressful at the best of times, it's doubly so in times of crisis, for there's little time for calm reflection, for clearing facts with colleagues, and planning your response. The media will be more demanding than ever, and the public hungry for information.

Whether the training is for your senior management or your communications team our range of crisis management courses will help you prepare for the unexpected.

Learning live - Crisis Management Simulation

Our practical and realistic journalist led training courses give you the best possible preparation for an unexpected event.

By taking you through a complete role-play scenario, with a crisis that builds throughout the day, dealing with constant phone calls, putting together a statement, managing a press conference, Media First gives you the best possible preparation for an unexpected event.

We teach you to remain in control, and to demonstrate concern and compassion while not seeming weak.

It's Your Crisis

Each scenario we develop is particular to an individual client and reflects the situation and the challenges you'll face in real life. And just like real life it will demand you know your stuff, can answer without stalling and can give the bad news as well as good.

So realistic are these scenarios that many organisations use them to test their overall crisis plan.

If you would like to find out more about our bespoke crisis management training courses, please get in touch.

"Media First offer a swift, thoughtful and tailored response to any crisis training - I have used their services for almost ten years and the quality of what they offer is second to none."

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