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General media skills, Spokesperson training, TV interview skills — 15 January by Adam Fisher

Our analysis of the prime minister’s first interview since the election

It was his first in-depth interview since winning the general election. So how did Boris Johnson get on when he sat down with BBC Breakfast inside Downing Street yesterday (14/1) for a live…


Crisis management, Media Skills Training — 13 January by Adam Fisher

The key media relations lesson from ‘Megxit’

Media Skills Training — 8 January by Adam Fisher

8 tips for creating a powerful key message

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Crisis management — 6 January by Adam Fisher

Australia PM delivers PR disaster as country burns

While the bush fires in Australia have been gaining significant coverage in the UK, perhaps what has not come across quite so clearly here is just how much of a PR disaster its Prime Minister has…


Crisis management — 18 December 2019 by Adam Fisher

2019 – a year in crisis

It has been another year packed with crises. Many have been self-inflicted scandals others have been harder to anticipate. Some have been handled well and in other cases, the way they have been…


General media skills, Spokesperson training, TV interview skills, Media Skills Training — 16 December 2019 by Adam Fisher

General election 2019 – the media training gift that kept on giving

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Spokesperson training, Media Skills Training —  11 December 2019 by Adam Fisher

The best interviews of 2019

General media skills, Spokesperson training —  9 December 2019 by Adam Fisher

The worst interviews of 2019

Media Skills Training, Crisis management —  4 December 2019 by Adam Fisher

Come on Eileen – why we still show this terrible interview on our courses

Observing one of our recent media training courses, I saw an interview I hadn’t seen before. It was shown towards the end, as the course touched on crisis communication and how to manage interviews…