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Boris Johnson and the media appearances that stood out (for all the wrong reasons)

Two and a half years after coming to power, Boris Johnson’s time as Prime Minister is coming to an end. It has been a period marked by challenges and scandals. And it ended in humiliation as he…


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‘How do you…?’ Your questions answered about building better relationships with spokespeople

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When should you use an autocue?

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Five lessons from this 'car crash' speech

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Seven ways to improve your annual staff meeting

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Five public speaking lessons from May's Brexit speech

It was all eyes on Theresa May yesterday. The Prime Minister delivered her long-awaited speech on Brexit at London’s Lancaster House and it was deemed significant enough to not only be broadcast…


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Why Trump needs evidence to support his messages

As anyone with even the most rudimentary marketing and communications knowledge knows, defining and fine tuning your key message is critical when promoting your brand identity, unique selling point…


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Media training: Why you will always hear our tutors preaching AMEN

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What makes a great spokesperson?