Crisis management, Spokesperson training, Writing skills —  22 February by Adam Fisher

Lessons from a $2 billion typo

It has been quite the wild ride for Lyft. A typo in a press release told investors of the ride-hailing company it expected profit margins to increase at a rate far higher than was real. An extra…


Crisis management, Spokesperson training —  1 September 2022 by Adam Fisher

Resilience tips spokespeople and comms professionals can use now

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Why your internal business policies are becoming a reputational threat (and what you can do about it)

Crisis management, Spokesperson training —  20 January 2022 by Adam Fisher

Sorry-not-sorry: Why non-apologies prolong the pain (and how to apologise effectively)

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When should you use an autocue?

Media Skills Training, Spokesperson training, Crisis management —  4 February 2021 by Adam Fisher

Why you need to stop beginning your media interviews with pleasantries

One of the benefits of the lockdown and working from home is I get to see and hear more media interviews. Not only does this help with inspiration for this media training blog but, with my…


Media Skills Training, Spokesperson training, Crisis management —  26 October 2020 by Adam Fisher

Could you handle an interview with this hard-hitting journalist?

Delegates on our media training courses often fear they are going to be put through a Jeremy Paxman style interrogation. Others worry about facing combative interviews from the likes of Nick…


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What does it feel like to be on a media training course?

General media skills, Spokesperson training, Crisis management —  14 October 2020 by Adam Fisher

3 communication lessons from the story of the onions that were too hot for Facebook