Spokesperson training, Media Skills Training —  21 October by Adam Fisher

What can you learn from this local story creating national headlines?

A local council meeting may seem like an unlikely source of a story that has captured the attention of the nation’s media. But then, not many council meetings discuss something so stomach-churningly…


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Why feedback should be part of your media briefing

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Squid Game, road signs and why you should consider newsjacking

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Can you spot what was wrong with these media interview answers?

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‘How do you…?’ Your questions answered about building better relationships with spokespeople

Spokesperson training, Media Skills Training —  16 September by Adam Fisher

Mountains, tents and the power of metaphors in media interviews

When the Government announced its plans to give 30 million people a covid booster jab to prevent another wave of the virus, we didn’t expect to hear a comparison to a wet and windy night on the side…


Spokesperson training, Media Skills Training, General media skills —  14 September by Adam Fisher

Trading places: 7 reasons why you should target trade publications

Trade publications may not have the glamour of mainstream newspapers or appearing on TV or radio. In fact, some publications like Potato Storage International, Drain Trader and Poultry World have…


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Media training lessons from two interview gaffes

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When should you use an autocue?