General media skills, Spokesperson training —  8 April by Adam Fisher

How to prepare your spokespeople for podcast appearances

During: Conversation On our media training courses, we often talk about the importance of spokespeople striking a conversational tone. With podcast interviews, that conversational tone is even more…


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Deliveroo shows why statements fail to deliver

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How a council dealt with the story of the ‘worst housing conditions in Britain’

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Prince William forgets golden rule of media training

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How to prepare for a trade press interview

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The row (and broom) that swept away the message

You’ve just carried out a series of TV interviews. What do you want the viewers to be talking about? That crucial message you were aiming to get across? The way you reacted to the question you…


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What the world's worst Zoom meeting can teach us about a story being newsworthy

So, who had ‘town council meeting takes internet by storm’ on their 2021 bingo card? Just when you think things can’t get any more bizarre, footage from an obscure meeting went viral and resulted in…


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Why you need to stop beginning your media interviews with pleasantries

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Spokesperson shows how to give your media interviews a shot in the arm