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Spokesperson training, Media Skills Training —  11 December by Adam Fisher

The best interviews of 2019

Hopefully, you will have already seen our compilation of the worst interviews of 2019. But what about those spokespeople who delivered strong media performance in the past year? There are many…


General media skills, Spokesperson training —  9 December by Adam Fisher

The worst interviews of 2019

Media Skills Training, Spokesperson training —  6 November by Adam Fisher

Spokesperson endures empty chair humiliation

Spokesperson training, TV interview skills —  1 November by Adam Fisher

Angry response to question results in own goal

Spokesperson training —  28 October by Adam Fisher

The leadership communication lessons you can learn from Zuckerberg's latest grilling

General media skills, Spokesperson training, Radio interview skills —  11 October by Adam Fisher

Interview highlights the risk of waxing lyrical on wider issues

Sometimes you can say too much in an interview. This is particularly true towards the end when the reporter tries to bring in wider questions, usually about another story that is in the news. This…


Spokesperson training, TV interview skills, General media skills —  9 October by Adam Fisher

Refusal to answer key question makes spokesperson appear evasive

It was billed as a ‘world exclusive’ interview with ‘the most talked about woman’ in Britain. After weeks of detailed reports about the nature of her relationship with Boris Johnson, Jennifer Arcuri…


General media skills, Spokesperson training —  2 October by Adam Fisher

Spokesperson struggles with unexpectedly tough interview

General media skills, Spokesperson training, TV interview skills —  20 September by Media First

Spokesperson shows how wardrobe choices can obscure the message