Media Skills Training, General media skills, Social media —  10 November 2022 by Adam Fisher

Why did these cheese rolls go viral?

Have you ventured on Twitter since Elon Musk took it over? If you have, you may have found yourself staring at an image of a roll containing massive slabs of cheese and huge onion slices. And, if…


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Naming disaster sees launch trend for all the wrong reasons

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Caterpillar conflict: What can we learn from the legal battle gripping the nation?

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How an interview from a former boss created a crisis

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Kobe Bryant and the haste for news during a crisis

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Expensive mistake results in priceless publicity

How would you react if your brand made an embarrassing mistake costing several thousands of pounds? You may well try to keep it quiet. You may perhaps shed a few tears over the damage to your bottom…


Social media, General media skills —  14 September 2018 by Adam Fisher

Branson’s tweet lands him in a PR pickle

We’ve probably all posted things on social media that we have very quickly regretted. But for most of us, it hasn’t resulted in being ridiculed in newspaper headlines and berated by other social…


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Lessons from the media interview we just can’t stop watching

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Has ‘sorry’ become an overused word?