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Crisis management, Social media —  30 September by Adam Fisher

What crisis comms pros can learn from this amateur spokesperson

It can be challenging sometimes to find much in the news that isn’t related to Brexit. But after some extensive research, we found a remarkable story with clear lessons for anyone facing a…


Crisis management, Social media —  7 August by Adam Fisher

Misjudged response triggers social media storm

Crisis management, Social media —  26 July by Adam Fisher

Airline endures turbulent week

Crisis management, Social media —  8 July by Adam Fisher

Was this a good response to a damaging story?

Crisis management, Social media —  4 July by Adam Fisher

Poorly considered campaign results in reputational own goal

Crisis management, Social media —  17 June by Adam Fisher

Restaurant feels the heat after ‘dine and dash’ crisis

Negative social media posts, damaging headlines, a trending story on BBC News and criticism from trade union leaders – it has been a weekend to forget for one restaurant chain. Wahaca has found…


General media skills, Social media —  22 May by Adam Fisher

Expensive mistake results in priceless publicity

How would you react if your brand made an embarrassing mistake costing several thousands of pounds? You may well try to keep it quiet. You may perhaps shed a few tears over the damage to your bottom…


Social media —  10 May by Adam Fisher

What you can learn from the tweet that dominated the headlines

Social media —  26 April by Adam Fisher

Will other brands follow this bold social media move?