Social media, Crisis management —  26 February by Adam Fisher

Yorkshire Tea produces ‘proper’ response to a social media storm

On the face of it, it should have been a pretty innocuous photo. But when new chancellor Rishi Sunak posted a picture of himself making a round of hot drinks for his team, alongside a large bag of…


Crisis management, General media skills, Social media —  3 February by Adam Fisher

Kobe Bryant and the haste for news during a crisis

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Doughnut saga turns into sweet PR success story

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How to respond to the threat of a social media boycott

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Mobile meltdown: How Three bungled its outage response

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What crisis comms pros can learn from this amateur spokesperson

It can be challenging sometimes to find much in the news that isn’t related to Brexit. But after some extensive research, we found a remarkable story with clear lessons for anyone facing a…


Crisis management, Social media —  7 August 2019 by Adam Fisher

Misjudged response triggers social media storm

How would you respond if a photo which could be potentially damaging to your organisation was posted on social media? Would you request the picture was taken down? Well, that was the action taken…


Crisis management, Social media —  26 July 2019 by Adam Fisher

Airline endures turbulent week

Crisis management, Social media —  8 July 2019 by Adam Fisher

Was this a good response to a damaging story?