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Lessons from tweet that showed the recipe for social media success

Now, we could bring you our thoughts on the latest high-profile media interview. But then we thought it would be much better if we took a look at the story that got Britain talking – whether…


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How damaging could citizen journalism be for your brand?

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How an interview from a former boss created a crisis

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What can we learn from the social media crisis that grabbed the headlines?

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Yorkshire Tea produces ‘proper’ response to a social media storm

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Kobe Bryant and the haste for news during a crisis

When basketball star Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash along with eight other people, the reporting of the incident was rapid and often inaccurate. News organisations rushing to break big news…


Crisis management, Social media —  11 November 2019 by Adam Fisher

Doughnut saga turns into sweet PR success story

Have you heard the story about a doughnut company which almost turned a human-interest story into a reputational disaster but ultimately enjoyed the sweet taste of PR success? Krispy Kreme has…


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How to respond to the threat of a social media boycott

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Mobile meltdown: How Three bungled its outage response