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What can brands learn from the Twitter bot havoc?

Household brands, universities, healthcare providers, charities, football clubs and government departments were just some of the organisations that found their social media posts taken to task as a…


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Should you be doing social media like Ryanair?

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Squid Game, road signs and why you should consider newsjacking

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How would your organisation handle a social media pile-on?

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Employee tweet puts company in the spotlight

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Naming disaster sees launch trend for all the wrong reasons

Imagine being a new start-up and almost immediately finding yourself trending on social media. Not only that, but you generate coverage in the Financial Times and Daily Mail. Sounds great,…


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What can you learn from the apology that went viral?

Apologies are tricky. Regular readers of our crisis communication and social media training blogs will know there have been plenty of recent examples of apologies that have fallen short of the…


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Caterpillar conflict: What can we learn from the legal battle gripping the nation?

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Burger King and PR guru highlight risks of setting out to be controversial on social media