Presentation skills, Crisis management, Spokesperson training, General media skills —  8 February 2018 by Adam Fisher

Five lessons from this 'car crash' speech

When journalists describe a speech as a ‘car crash’, it’s fair to assume things have gone horribly wrong. When that same speech results in the speaker apologising for ‘deeply offensive’ remarks and…


Presentation skills, Spokesperson training, General media skills —  18 January 2017 by Adam Fisher

Five public speaking lessons from May's Brexit speech

Presentation skills, Spokesperson training, General media skills —  11 November 2016 by Paul Brennan

Why Trump needs evidence to support his messages

General media skills, Spokesperson training, Presentation skills —  10 October 2016 by Adam Fisher

Media training: Why you will always hear our tutors preaching AMEN

Take part in one of our media training courses and you will probably hear one of our expert tutors preaching AMEN. But don’t get the wrong idea. This does not mean we are running some form of…


Spokesperson training, General media skills, Presentation skills —  28 June 2016 by Adam Fisher

What makes a great spokesperson?

Every organisation, big or small, needs spokespeople who can promote its achievements and defend its reputation in a crisis. But the strength of these spokespeople has a huge impact on how your…