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Presentation skills —  18 October 2019 by Adam Fisher

How to handle audience questions during your presentation

Presentations can be scary. And one of the parts that frightens people the most is answering questions from the audience. On our presentations skills training courses, we often find that delegates…


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The body language lessons you can learn from the image of the week

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Our top nine presentation tips

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How to stop nerves ruining your next big presentation

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Why it’s ok to use notes during a presentation – despite Trump's tweet

Presentation skills —  11 January 2019 by Adam Fisher

4 lessons for presenters from this headline-grabbing speech

It may have been short and sweet. But Olivia Colman’s acceptance speech after winning the Best Actress in a Musical / Comedy award at the Golden Globes grabbed plenty of attention. And there’s…


Presentation skills —  26 November 2018 by Adam Fisher

Nine errors to avoid in your next presentation

Bad presentations tend to stick in the memory for all the wrong reasons. We can probably all recall sitting through dull, lifeless presentations. Yet when it comes to taking the stage ourselves,…


Presentation skills —  25 May 2018 by Adam Fisher

How to win over a hostile crowd during your presentation

Presentation skills, Media skills training —  9 April 2018 by Adam Fisher

Nine more phrases which could ruin your presentation