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Boris Johnson and the media appearances that stood out (for all the wrong reasons)

Two and a half years after coming to power, Boris Johnson’s time as Prime Minister is coming to an end. It has been a period marked by challenges and scandals. And it ended in humiliation as he…


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‘How do you…?’ Your questions answered about building better relationships with spokespeople

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When should you use an autocue?

This is a question that is increasingly coming up when we speak to clients about presentation skills, hosting webinars and creating videos for both internal and external audiences. We always stress…


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Are you overlooking this crucial part of delivering a powerful presentation?

Have you sat through a presentation and found yourself getting lost because the whole thing just felt a bit disorganised? It is a scenario many of us will be able to relate to. But why does it…


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How can you make the most of your online training?

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