General media skills, Media Skills Training, Presentation skills —  29 May by James White

10 top tips for better online meetings

How are you managing with the move to online meetings? Are you finding that they are less focused? Are attendees taking it as an invitation to multi-task? Are you finding that a couple of…


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How our online training can help you give your best performance from your laptop

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How to make your online meeting a success

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The body language lessons you can learn from the image of the week

Think back over the last week and there is probably one image which sticks in your mind. Yes, Jacob Rees-Mogg’s horizontal posture during a crunch political debate has attracted widespread…


Presentation skills, Media skills training —  9 April 2018 by Adam Fisher

Nine more phrases which could ruin your presentation

Think back over the presentations you have sat through recently. You’ve probably heard someone say ‘excuse me if I seem nervous’, ‘I haven’t had a lot of time to prepare’ or perhaps ‘you probably…