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Spokesperson training, Media Skills Training —  11 December by Adam Fisher

The best interviews of 2019

Hopefully, you will have already seen our compilation of the worst interviews of 2019. But what about those spokespeople who delivered strong media performance in the past year? There are many…


Media Skills Training, Crisis management —  4 December by Adam Fisher

Come on Eileen – why we still show this terrible interview on our courses

Media Skills Training —  25 November by Adam Fisher

Was this the best sports interview of all time?

Crisis management, Media Skills Training —  20 November by Adam Fisher

Should this disastrous interview have been turned down?

Media Skills Training, Crisis management —  18 November by Adam Fisher

The prince and the PR disaster

Media Skills Training, Crisis management —  15 November by Adam Fisher

Restaurant avoids storm from overworked employee story

When you visit a restaurant, you don’t expect to find customers washing the dishes, taking the orders and brewing coffee. But that was the scene in one restaurant when customers realised there was…


Media Skills Training, Spokesperson training —  6 November by Adam Fisher

Spokesperson endures empty chair humiliation

We are sometimes asked on our media training courses whether interview requests should ever be turned down. The answer, perhaps not surprisingly considering what we do, is that these bids should…


Presentation skills, Media Skills Training —  9 September by Adam Fisher

The body language lessons you can learn from the image of the week

General media skills, TV interview skills, Media Skills Training —  4 September by Adam Fisher

What you can learn from this attention-grabbing interview