Media Skills Training, Spokesperson training —  23 July by Adam Fisher

Spokesperson shows how to handle a hypothetical question

If you’ve been on one of our media training courses before, you’ll know journalists love to speculate about the future. ‘What would happen if?’ is a question that regularly comes up in media…


Media Skills Training, General media skills, Spokesperson training —  13 July by Adam Fisher

The psychology behind creating messages that resonate

Media Skills Training, Social media, Crisis management, General media skills —  8 July by Adam Fisher

Naming disaster sees launch trend for all the wrong reasons

Spokesperson training, Media Skills Training —  6 July by Adam Fisher

How to manage multiple media interviews on the same day (and not sound robotic)

General media skills, Media Skills Training —  17 June by Adam Fisher

GB News: Will it be short-lived or is it a station you will need to consider for story pitches

Spokesperson training, General media skills, Media Skills Training —  10 June by Adam Fisher

What can we learn from the tennis star who didn’t want to talk to the media?

It is not often tennis features in this media training blog. But Naomi Osaka’s decision not to speak to the media after matches during the French Open produced an avalanche of media coverage. And…


General media skills, Media Skills Training —  8 June by Adam Fisher

What do journalists want from PR pros?

Wouldn’t it be good to know what journalists look for in press releases and story pitches? Perhaps understand more about why some go on to achieve great coverage, and others are instantly…


Spokesperson training, Media Skills Training —  25 May by Adam Fisher

CEO shows how to handle questions about a competitor

Spokesperson training, TV interview skills, Media Skills Training —  20 May by Adam Fisher

Do you know what we found annoying about this interview?