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Presentation skills, Media Skills Training —  9 September by Adam Fisher

The body language lessons you can learn from the image of the week

Think back over the last week and there is probably one image which sticks in your mind. Yes, Jacob Rees-Mogg’s horizontal posture during a crunch political debate has attracted widespread…


General media skills, TV interview skills, Media Skills Training —  4 September by Adam Fisher

What you can learn from this attention-grabbing interview

Presentation skills, Media skills training —  9 April 2018 by Adam Fisher

Nine more phrases which could ruin your presentation

General media skills, Media skills training —  5 October 2015 by Adam Fisher

Why bad press releases make terrible spokespeople

Radio interview skills, media skills TRAINING —  24 June 2014 by Media First

Top tips for telephone interviews with journalists

Media Skills Training —  9 April 2014 by Media First

Five less obvious questions to ask before doing a media interview

Almost anyone with any media experience will know the basic questions to ask before agreeing to do a media interview. Who is the audience? What messages do I want to get across? Who else will be in…


Media Skills Training —  10 October 2013 by Media First

Evan Davis pushes Danny Alexander off message: A Media First analysis

The state of the housing market and the affordability of homes are already shaping up to be one of the big battlegrounds in the General Election. As Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander…


Media Skills Training —  19 July 2013 by Media First

Fridays Favourite Feedback

Media Skills Training —  31 January 2013 by Media First

Blackberry Crumble: Part 1