Radio interview skills, Media First News —  5 February 2013 by Media First

Media First's Adventures in Brunei

Our resident camera technician, Paul Horton has been living and working in Brunei for the last few weeks. He is supporting a team of Media First journalists who are delivering tailored communications…


General Media Skills, Media First News —  24 January 2013 by Media First

Media First: Globe Trotters

General Media Skills, Media First News —  17 January 2013 by Media First

Proud Mummy Moment for Media First Director – Part 1

Media First News —  8 August 2012 by Media First

Megan Brittan

At the age of sixteen, conversation seems to thrive on the topic of ‘What you want to be when you’re older’. As a general ‘avoid the question as much as possible’ answer I simply say “oh, um…