Media Skills Training, General media skills, Media relations —  15 February by Adam Fisher

Are positive stories newsworthy?

Why is the media coverage so often dominated by negative news? It’s a question often asked by delegates during our media training courses. We’ve all seen examples of negative stories going almost…


Spokesperson training, Media Skills Training, General media skills —  13 February by Adam Fisher

How to pitch your news story ideas: expert advice from journalists

General media skills, Spokesperson training, Media Skills Training —  21 November 2023 by Adam Fisher

Not such a clever(ly) way to handle tough interview questions

Crisis management, General media skills —  16 November 2023 by Adam Fisher

Does the ‘war on woke’ make you worry about communicating positive change?

General media skills, Spokesperson training —  4 October 2023 by Adam Fisher

How can you make newsjacking part of your comms strategy?

leadership communication, General media skills —  29 August 2023 by Adam Fisher

How leaders can develop strong verbal communication skills

“You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can’t get them across, your ideas won’t get you anywhere.” The words of Lee Iacocca, the visionary car executive, who led both Ford and Chrysler. They were…


General media skills —  10 August 2023 by Adam Fisher

Guide to op-eds: How can you write one that gets published and grabs attention?

Everyday publications print articles by guest writers. Often referred to as an op-ed, they offer a brilliant way to showcase your expertise and thought leadership and raise your organisation's…


Crisis management, General media skills —  1 August 2023 by Adam Fisher

The crisis communication lessons you can learn from the Coutts saga (and what it tells us about ‘woke’ brands)

General media skills —  27 June 2023 by Adam Fisher

Your questions answered about getting started in podcasting