General media skills —  6 May by Adam Fisher

Tesco, the pub and the growing value of brilliant business writing skills

Where can you find examples of brilliant writing? Books, newspapers or online and the obvious sources, but often it can be found as we go about our everyday lives. Tesco provided a great example of…


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Caterpillar conflict: What can we learn from the legal battle gripping the nation?

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Crisis lessons from football's spectacular own goal

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How to stop journalists being ‘overwhelmed and underwhelmed’ with your story pitches

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Has the Co-op put its reputation at risk?

General media skills, Spokesperson training —  8 April by Adam Fisher

How to prepare your spokespeople for podcast appearances

During: Conversation On our media training courses, we often talk about the importance of spokespeople striking a conversational tone. With podcast interviews, that conversational tone is even more…


Spokesperson training, General media skills, Media Skills Training —  16 March by Adam Fisher

Prince William forgets golden rule of media training

There is some advice we give far more often than others during our media training courses. One of our golden rules we discuss during almost every course is the importance of spokespeople not…


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The row (and broom) that swept away the message

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Spokesperson shows how to give your media interviews a shot in the arm