General media skills, Media Skills Training —  11 June by Adam Fisher

What PR and media teams need to do differently now AI is changing newsrooms

Could this media training blog have been brought to you by artificial intelligence? Was that news story you read on the way into work created by a robot journalist? How about that traffic update…


General media skills —  4 June by Adam Fisher

This is what journalists want from you

General media skills, Media Skills Training —  7 May by Adam Fisher

Still black and white - but are newspapers read all over in 2024?

smartphone video, General media skills —  2 May by Adam Fisher

How can you make professional video on your smartphone?

General media skills, communication skills —  25 April by Adam Fisher

What does Unilever’s ESG backtrack mean for other brands?

Media Skills Training, General media skills, Media relations —  15 February by Adam Fisher

Are positive stories newsworthy?

Why is the media coverage so often dominated by negative news? It’s a question often asked by delegates during our media training courses. We’ve all seen examples of negative stories going almost…


Spokesperson training, Media Skills Training, General media skills —  13 February by Adam Fisher

How to pitch your news story ideas: expert advice from journalists

Pitching isn’t easy, is it? It can be hard to know which journalists to target. And it can be even trickier to grab their attention. The good news is journalists want to receive…


General media skills, Spokesperson training, Media Skills Training —  21 November 2023 by Adam Fisher

Not such a clever(ly) way to handle tough interview questions

Crisis management, General media skills —  16 November 2023 by Adam Fisher

Does the ‘war on woke’ make you worry about communicating positive change?