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Boris briefing bingo and more words to avoid in media interviews

Every time the Prime Minister announces he is holding a press conference on the latest pandemic developments, our social media timeline is filled with people playing ‘Boris Briefing Bingo’. It…


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8 tips for beating Zoom fatigue

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The spokespeople and interviews that stood out in 2020 – day two

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The most-hated jargon and how to avoid using it in media interviews

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Rake news: The story that shows you never know when you could find yourself in the media spotlight

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How an interview from a former boss created a crisis

On our crisis communication courses, we talk to delegates about the importance of understanding their organisation’s vulnerabilities and trying to anticipate what could place it at the centre of a…


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Trump's TV tantrum and why his interview walkout is only part of the story

Criticising the journalist. Complaining about tough questions. And walking out before it ended. It’s no wonder that Donald Trump’s 60 Minutes interview has been dominating the news. And with so…


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Spokesperson shows how to produce a powerful message

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3 communication lessons from the story of the onions that were too hot for Facebook