Spokesperson training, TV interview skills, Radio interview skills, Crisis management —  21 October 2020 by Adam Fisher

What does it feel like to be on a media training course?

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to take part in one of our media training courses? Well, one of our clients, Lymphoma Action, allowed us to shadow their course so that others could see how…


Spokesperson training, Crisis management, TV interview skills —  12 February 2020 by Adam Fisher

Doorstep disaster or a masterclass in distraction?

Spokesperson training, TV interview skills, Crisis management, General media skills —  5 August 2019 by Adam Fisher

Spokesperson shows how to handle a tough TV interview

General media skills, Spokesperson training, Radio interview skills, TV interview skills, Crisis management —  25 March 2019 by Adam Fisher

How to handle the 'guarantee' question

There’s a tricky question that tends to come up in media interviews during crisis media management incidents. You’ve probably heard it before - it is the one where a journalist will ask the…


Crisis management, General media skills, Spokesperson training, TV interview skills —  9 August 2017 by Adam Fisher

Doctor produces medal winning performance during hostile interview

We can probably all recall hostile interviews we have seen on television or heard on radio. Some of the most infamous have featured politicians, such as the Jeremy Paxman interview with Michael…