General media skills, Spokesperson training, Radio interview skills, Crisis management —  12 August by James White

Was the statement a journalist threw in the bin really that bad?

“Guff.” That was the verdict of one journalist on a statement he was handed when a company refused to make a spokesperson available. Not only that, but he screwed it up and lobbed it in the…


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We’ve been tracking the Garmin crisis – here are the lessons you can learn from it

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Huawei and the question that keeps tying its spokespeople in knots

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Why this crisis response left us with a frown

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Why the next stage of coronavirus recovery means you must update your crisis plans now

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What you can learn from how one boss announced the loss of 390 jobs

Announcing a reduction to your workforce is a daunting and unpleasant challenge for any leader and organisation. It is even harder if just a couple of months earlier you had promised those same…


Crisis management, Media Skills Training —  1 June by James White

6 crisis media management lessons from the Cummings saga

Everyone seems to have had their say on Dominic Cummings and his infamous trip to Durham. It has dominated the news agenda for much of the past week. Of course, it is not for us as a communication…


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CEO shows how not to deliver bad news during a remote interview

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Gove’s guarantee gaffe and how to handle this tricky question