Crisis management —  19 May by Adam Fisher

Steps you can take now to ensure you respond quickly during a crisis

When a crisis strikes, you ideally have about 15 minutes to respond. Some argue you have a maximum of an hour. Others say that at a time when news often breaks on social media, 15 minutes is too…


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What can we learn about crisis comms from ‘beergate’?

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Tools and techniques to help comms pros (and others) better manage their time

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14 types of crises your organisation could face

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How P&O Ferries sunk its reputation (and the crisis communication lessons you can learn from it)

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We need to talk about Wilko

There’s nothing more meaningless than an insincere apology. And we have seen plenty of them already this year. So, when Wilko found itself in the media spotlight this week because of “reckless”…


Crisis management, Social media —  15 March by Adam Fisher

What can brands learn from the Twitter bot havoc?

Household brands, universities, healthcare providers, charities, football clubs and government departments were just some of the organisations that found their social media posts taken to task as a…


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Is the death of Queen Elizabeth in your crisis communication plan?

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Ill-timed dancing cowboy puts brand in spotlight