Crisis management —  18 June by Adam Fisher

What can the escaped cow story teach you about crisis comms?

Have you heard about the cow who escaped from a farm, swam across a river and ended up in the streets of a busy town? While that may sound like the start of a joke, there is no punchline. Instead,…


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Crisis comms lessons from ‘one of the largest hacks in history’

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‘I’m not your mum’ – the video updates that triggered a crisis

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How would you manage the crisis comms after this cyber-attack?

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How do you solve a problem like Co-op Live?

Crisis management, Spokesperson training, Media Skills Training —  9 April by Media First

The interview that shows you can’t ride away from scrutiny

Doorstep interviews are notoriously difficult to handle. They are probably the type of interview spokespeople fear the most – who would want to find journalists gathered outside their home or…


Crisis management —  19 March by Adam Fisher

Unexpected chaos in bagging area – How Sainsbury’s handled its IT meltdown

How do you respond when an IT glitch leaves customers unable to use your service? That was the issue faced by Sainsbury’s over the weekend as it was plunged into crisis media management mode. An…


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What can PR teams learn from the princess PR disaster?

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How Red Bull Racing’s crisis comms response hit the skids