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Media Skills Training, Crisis management —  4 December by Adam Fisher

Come on Eileen – why we still show this terrible interview on our courses

Observing one of our recent media training courses, I saw an interview I hadn’t seen before. It was shown towards the end, as the course touched on crisis communication and how to manage interviews…


Crisis management —  27 November by Adam Fisher

The crisis communication lessons you can learn from an ice hockey club

Crisis management, Media Skills Training —  20 November by Adam Fisher

Should this disastrous interview have been turned down?

Media Skills Training, Crisis management —  18 November by Adam Fisher

The prince and the PR disaster

Media Skills Training, Crisis management —  15 November by Adam Fisher

Restaurant avoids storm from overworked employee story

Crisis management, Social media —  11 November by Adam Fisher

Doughnut saga turns into sweet PR success story

Have you heard the story about a doughnut company which almost turned a human-interest story into a reputational disaster but ultimately enjoyed the sweet taste of PR success? Krispy Kreme has…


General media skills, TV interview skills, Crisis management —  8 November by Adam Fisher

Weird reaction pushes citizen journalism interview to wider audience

We thought we had seen it all when it comes to doorstep interviews disasters. Over the years we’ve seen hands placed over cameras, microphones pushed away, spokespeople completely ignoring the media…


Crisis management, Social media —  4 November by Adam Fisher

How to respond to the threat of a social media boycott

Crisis management —  23 October by Adam Fisher

Tornado apology strikes the right tone