Crisis management, Social media —  15 July by Adam Fisher

Employee tweet puts company in the spotlight

On our crisis communication courses, we often spend time looking at the potential causes of a crisis. It is pretty rare for employee social media activity to be put forward as a potential…


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Naming disaster sees launch trend for all the wrong reasons

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What can you learn from the apology that went viral?

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What can other organisations learn from BrewDog’s sobering social media storm?

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BMA's head of news and media relations shares lessons from a year-long crisis

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Crisis lessons from football's spectacular own goal

Just when you wondered if our divided nation could ever be united again, football found a way of bringing everyone together. The plans for a so-called European Super League – supposedly designed to…


Crisis management —  15 April by Adam Fisher

How can you ensure your crisis responses are seen by the media and your customers?

When your organisation is facing a crisis, good communication is crucial. Do it well and it can reduce fear and uncertainty and gain some control of the story. But how do you ensure your customers,…


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Has the Co-op put its reputation at risk?

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How can you make the most of your online training?