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Crisis management —  16 October by Adam Fisher

Promotional tour shows how to make a crisis worse

As crises go, this has been quite a spectacular one. The National Basketball Association’s promotional tour of China has resulted in Chinese businesses cutting ties, state television vowing not to…


Crisis management, Social media —  30 September by Adam Fisher

What crisis comms pros can learn from this amateur spokesperson

Crisis management —  16 September by Adam Fisher

Charity shows how to survive a crisis

Crisis management —  6 September by Adam Fisher

How to prevent your employees becoming neglected during a crisis

Crisis management, Spokesperson training —  28 August by Adam Fisher

Why are crisis comms mistakes so often repeated?

Crisis management —  19 August by Adam Fisher

5 ways an organisation can trigger its own crisis

Crises can come in many shapes and forms. Crisis media management incidents are often considered to be those which involve significant injuries and death, cyber security attacks, natural disasters…


Crisis management, Social media —  7 August by Adam Fisher

Misjudged response triggers social media storm

How would you respond if a photo which could be potentially damaging to your organisation was posted on social media? Would you request the picture was taken down? Well, that was the action taken…


Spokesperson training, TV interview skills, Crisis management, General media skills —  5 August by Adam Fisher

Spokesperson shows how to handle a tough TV interview

Crisis management —  2 August by Adam Fisher

The good, the bad and the ugly of this crisis response