Crisis management —  17 July by Media First

Wake up to woke: Should you be worried about the 'war on woke'?

Society can often appear to be more divided and polarised than ever. And it can feel like plenty of negativity surrounds ‘wokeness’. So, should brands stop raising awareness of injustices and avoid…


Crisis management —  4 July by Adam Fisher

Your questions answered from our crisis comms webinar

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Webinar rewind: Risk and resilience – A crisis comms refresher

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How long does it take to bounce back from a crisis?

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What can the escaped cow story teach you about crisis comms?

Crisis management —  6 June by Adam Fisher

Crisis comms lessons from ‘one of the largest hacks in history’

Your company is at the centre of one of the biggest data hacks in history. What do you do? How do you respond to the crisis comms incident? Do you stay quiet, hope the hack is not as bad as is…


Crisis management —  21 May by Adam Fisher

‘I’m not your mum’ – the video updates that triggered a crisis

Have you heard about the tech giant plunged into crisis media management mode by its PR boss? The story has created headlines across the globe and triggered new debate about workplace cultures. It…


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How would you manage the crisis comms after this cyber-attack?

Crisis management —  9 May by Adam Fisher

How do you solve a problem like Co-op Live?