Crisis management, Spokesperson training, Writing skills —  22 February by Adam Fisher

Lessons from a $2 billion typo

It has been quite the wild ride for Lyft. A typo in a press release told investors of the ride-hailing company it expected profit margins to increase at a rate far higher than was real. An extra…


Crisis management —  20 February by Adam Fisher

How would you handle this crisis?

Crisis management —  16 January by Adam Fisher

How has Boeing handled the latest blow to its reputation?

Crisis management —  11 January by Adam Fisher

The weather outside is frightful, but this crisis comms response is delightful

Crisis management —  19 December 2023 by Adam Fisher

Could this interview have gone any worse?

Crisis management —  7 December 2023 by Adam Fisher

2023 – A year in crisis

The biggest stories of 2023 were not just about political upheaval, international conflict, the impacts of climate change and the soaring cost of living. Numerous organisations have also found there…


Crisis management, General media skills —  16 November 2023 by Adam Fisher

Does the ‘war on woke’ make you worry about communicating positive change?

Another week and another series of stories about being ‘woke’. Headlines this week include the Government appointing a minister to lead its anti-woke agenda, a charity going “too woke” after leaving…


Crisis management —  14 November 2023 by Adam Fisher

The story of the communication company that failed to communicate

Crisis management —  21 September 2023 by Adam Fisher

Could the behaviour of your boss fuel you next media crisis?