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Crisis management, Social media —  11 November by Adam Fisher

Doughnut saga turns into sweet PR success story

Have you heard the story about a doughnut company which almost turned a human-interest story into a reputational disaster but ultimately enjoyed the sweet taste of PR success? Krispy Kreme has…


General media skills, TV interview skills, Crisis management —  8 November by Adam Fisher

Weird reaction pushes citizen journalism interview to wider audience

Crisis management, Social media —  4 November by Adam Fisher

How to respond to the threat of a social media boycott

Crisis management —  23 October by Adam Fisher

Tornado apology strikes the right tone

Crisis management, Social media —  21 October by Adam Fisher

Mobile meltdown: How Three bungled its outage response

Crisis management —  16 October by Adam Fisher

Promotional tour shows how to make a crisis worse

As crises go, this has been quite a spectacular one. The National Basketball Association’s promotional tour of China has resulted in Chinese businesses cutting ties, state television vowing not to…


Crisis management, Social media —  30 September by Adam Fisher

What crisis comms pros can learn from this amateur spokesperson

It can be challenging sometimes to find much in the news that isn’t related to Brexit. But after some extensive research, we found a remarkable story with clear lessons for anyone facing a…


Crisis management —  16 September by Adam Fisher

Charity shows how to survive a crisis

Crisis management —  6 September by Adam Fisher

How to prevent your employees becoming neglected during a crisis