Crisis management — 17 July by Media First

Wake up to woke: Should you be worried about the 'war on woke'?

Society can often appear to be more divided and polarised than ever. And it can feel like plenty of negativity surrounds ‘wokeness’. So, should brands stop raising awareness of injustices and avoid…


Media Skills Training, Spokesperson training — 10 July by Adam Fisher

The media interview highs and lows from the election

Crisis management — 4 July by Adam Fisher

Your questions answered from our crisis comms webinar

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Crisis management — 2 July by Iain Wallace

Webinar rewind: Risk and resilience – A crisis comms refresher

Not all media attention is wanted. And we can’t promise to help you stay out of the news when something goes wrong. But our latest webinar aimed to ensure you are in the best position to respond…


Crisis management — 25 June by Adam Fisher

How long does it take to bounce back from a crisis?

Reputation is hard won and easily lost. "It takes 20 years to build a reputation and five minutes to ruin it.” Warren Buffet’s famous quote is a stark reminder of how damaging crisis media…


Media Skills Training — 21 June by Adam Fisher

The Insider's Guide: Understanding the lesser-known Impact of Being Media Trained

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What can the escaped cow story teach you about crisis comms?

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What media training lessons can you learn from this ‘ridiculous’ interview?

General media skills, Media Skills Training —  11 June by Adam Fisher

What PR and media teams need to do differently now AI is changing newsrooms

Could this media training blog have been brought to you by artificial intelligence? Was that news story you read on the way into work created by a robot journalist? How about that traffic update…