Crisis management, Spokesperson training, Writing skills — 22 February by Adam Fisher

Lessons from a $2 billion typo

It has been quite the wild ride for Lyft. A typo in a press release told investors of the ride-hailing company it expected profit margins to increase at a rate far higher than was real. An extra…


Crisis management — 20 February by Adam Fisher

How would you handle this crisis?

Media Skills Training, General media skills, Media relations — 15 February by Adam Fisher

Are positive stories newsworthy?

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Spokesperson training, Media Skills Training, General media skills — 13 February by Adam Fisher

How to pitch your news story ideas: expert advice from journalists

Pitching isn’t easy, is it? It can be hard to know which journalists to target. And it can be even trickier to grab their attention. The good news is journalists want to receive…


Media Skills Training, Spokesperson training — 8 February by Adam Fisher

We bet we can show you how to avoid making this media interview gaffe

“I was taken by surprise”. That’s the excuse offered by Rishi Sunak after he was widely criticised for making a “cruel” bet during a TV interview. But should someone who gives many media interviews…


Media Skills Training, Spokesperson training — 6 February by Adam Fisher

Every company spokesperson can learn from this costly media mistake

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How to Inject Creativity into Your Next Presentation

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How important are examples in media interviews?

Media Skills Training, Spokesperson training —  23 January by Adam Fisher

Innocuous questions stump spokesperson

The biggest fear delegates on our media training courses often have about interviews is being asked difficult questions they don’t know how to answer. It’s an understandable concern. And one that…