Local Government

With major government challenges ahead, including cuts in funding and rising demands for services, the media will be looking for councils capable of confidently, coherently and consistently explaining what they are delivering for their constituencies in these tough times.

Over the last 35 years we’ve designed and delivered bespoke communications and media training at every level through a variety of Local Government organisations. 

What Media First clients in your sector say

The help, flexibility and professionalism of Media First ensured our first tailored media training programme for senior councillors and officers was a complete success. The feedback from those who attended was extremely positive, particularly for the two Media First trainers who ran both a challenging but supportive day. Post event feedback and DVDs of individual interviews were also extremely comprehensive."

Aidan Shutter, Team Leader, Media and Public Relations, Buckinghamshire County Council

The media training we received from Media First was excellent. It was highly practical, current and realistic. The focus on people over processes shone through and my team came away feeling more confident, able and willing to face the media."

Mareike Schmidt, Strategic Energy Programme Manager, Bristol City Council

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We’ve written about the difficulties of using humour in media interviews before. But some spokespeople simply cannot resist including a joke when they appear in front of the TV cameras or radio…