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Presentation training courses

Making a poor impression takes seconds, yet repairing it takes months. Few of us are natural speakers, and even the best are nervous before the event.

Whether you are preparing to present to customers or colleagues, delivering an online presentation or perhaps even filming a video, our presentations skills training will help you to make the right impression instantly.

Speaker Training
Can there be anything worse than a poorly prepared corporate presentation? Being asked to make one perhaps?

Corporate audiences are sophisticated, and they judge the way things are said just as much as what is said. And no amount of editing or stagecraft can cover up a poor performance.

We know that the key is planning, relaxation and confidence - things that can't be learnt from colleagues or from books. Once again we make our public speaking training courses as real as possible, so when you do have to make that important address, your mind's on the message - not on surviving.

Presentations and Speech Writing
The key to any successful personal address is the content. We can help you to structure a speech, select the best language, master the art of persuasion and make good use of stories and case studies - everything you need to make a really compelling presentation that will engage and persuade your audience.

Whether you are the one presenting or you are writing for someone else, our training will help you and your company to be become more effective and engaging presenters.

Personal Communications
We all know that whatever our work, we need to adopt a different style of communication to persuade and progress - yet our day-to-day manner is so much part of our personality it's hard to adapt.

Personal communication is so often about confidence - the confidence and self belief that you can express your own point of view clearly and convincingly. Media First has years of experience showing clients how develop these skills.

If you would like to find out more about our bespoke presentation skills training courses, please get in touch.

"This was probably the most beneficial course I've attended in my career. It built on the course I previously attended with you, strengthened and encouraged me in confidence and ability. I'm already seeing advantages in the work place, not just in presentations."

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