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Media Training Courses

Preparing you for contact with the media, whether it is radio, television or the press, is our business, and it has been for nearly 35 years.

In that time we have developed a range of practical media training techniques and courses which use current working  journalists to explain how the media works and allow individuals to cope with its demands.

These courses equip participants with the skills and techniques to execute strong interviews, control difficult and hostile questions and deliver memorable sound bites.

We have worked with press and communication teams alongside their spokespeople in over 40 different sectors.

Learn more about the benefits of media training and how you can ensure you find the best media training.

We deliver bespoke training courses, designed by dedicated account managers who take time to really understand  your needs and requirements and will work with you to develop a course which is incredibly realistic to your organisation and delivered by a journalist tutor who covers your sector. 

We train worldwide in professional studios, at your own office, or a hired venue of your choice. Our television and radio studios in Berkshire are broadcast quality, but are dedicated wholly to media training and the needs of our clients alone – so are available for as long as needed – without pressure or interruption. 

We also offer open courses in professional studios where our media skills and techniques are learned in a mixed-group environment.

Our media training courses work because they are realistic and authentic, with a practical, structured approach:

Content: Saying what needs to be said

Delivery: Saying it well, and with assurance

Control: Saying all that is needed, but no more

And that means not simply using practicing professionals - journalists and technicians who know the media, and who may be working in a news studio one day and ours the next - but those rare journalists who are also talented teachers and coaches.

Individually designed to meet your specific requirements, all our programmes give you consistency and control, and we can also help hone and enhance communication skills further with refresher or advanced training. So, should the real thing happen, in the media, the office or even the boardroom, you will always be in control – clear, credible and confident.

Our media training is the best around, but don’t just take our word for it.  See what some of our customers say about us :

Case Study: Nationwide

Case Study: Wessex Academic Health Science Network 

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“I would definitely recommend Media First’s training to others. Our trainers were friendly, enthusiastic and professional and all of our group found the day really useful, no matter how much previous interview experience each person had. The day was well structured with lots of discussion and practical exercises and the trainers took care to ensure each person set goals of what they wanted to achieve and that these were met by the end of the day.”

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