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Never before have good crisis communication skills been more important.

Even if your organisation has not been directly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, many of your suppliers, contractors, employees and customers will have been impacted.

Some may have had to make job cuts, closed offices and factories and managed outbreaks of the virus.

And, even though we are all battling against the pandemic, other crises still happen and continue to make the news.

Perhaps not surprisingly then, we have seen a growing demand for our crisis communication training courses.

Even some of those who we have trained in the past 12 months have looked to refresh their skills and ensure they can communicate effectively and confidently when the worst happens.

To meet this demand – and because you never know where, when and how the next crisis may strike – we have developed three online crisis communication training options.

Who is the training for and what will you learn?

The Essential crisis management course is for the wider crisis and business continuity team. Attendees will learn why crisis communication is so important and the role they may need to play when supporting the communications team, senior leaders and spokespeople

By the end of the course, which takes around an hour to complete, delegates will have a good understanding of the need for timely, compassionate and authentic communication – both internally and externally.

For some, this will be an introduction to crisis management, while for others, it will be a timely refresher.

The Spokesperson – essential crisis management course, is designed for anyone who could be asked to represent their organisation and face the media during the crisis. On this course, we will guide you through everything you need to know about facing the media when you are in the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

And we have a bespoke option that allows you to put your plans and spokespeople to the test with current working journalists.

Let’s have a look at these options in more detail:

Essential crisis management

Essential crisis management


Ideal for anyone involved in an organisation’s crisis and business continuity teams This course is for anyone who could be asked to face the media during a crisis Our bespoke option enables you to test what you learn on our crisis management and spokesperson courses.

With this option, you can:

This online course, featuring video lessons with our current working journalist tutors, will help ensure you perform your role well when the worst happens This online course prepares spokespeople for the intense pressure of facing the media during a crisis. Put your crisis plans to the test with realistic scenarios which will expose any weaknesses and gaps and see how your crisis team performs under pressure.
You’ll learn the role you can play now in anticipating your organisation’s vulnerabilities and identifying possible crisis triggers You’ll learn how to manage the most challenging interviews Put your crisis spokespeople to the test in challenging interviews with journalists who have covered some of the biggest crises
The steps you can take to ensure you can begin to communicate quickly when crisis strikes How to handle different interview scenarios during a crisis This bespoke course can be tailored to your exact needs and requirements
How to communicate compassionately, authentically and effectively with the media, your teams and your customers What to say and when to say it Training can be carried out face-to-face or on videoconferencing software – whatever works best for you
What you can do to support your organisation’s crisis spokespeople, leaders and comms team The components of a good crisis interview and responses that hit the right tone All interviews will be recorded and used for instant feedback and analysis
How to develop consistent, clear and effective messages How to use the bridging technique to handle uncomfortable questions  
Ideal for those who are new to crisis management and those who want to refresh their skills and knowledge The interview pitfalls you need to avoid



Both our Essential crisis management and Spokesperson – Essential crisis management courses are completely online and can be accessed through a mobile, tablet or PC. So, they are ready when you are.

And if you think the bespoke option best suits your needs and requirements, our team will work closely with you to ensure the face-to-face or videoconferencing training is held at the best time for all those you need to train.

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