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Top ten tips for engaging with the media

Any interview really should be seen as an opportunity to get your message across, to raise the reputation of your company and a way of taking control of the news agenda. It’s about playing the game. Journalists need you for a story and you need them as a facilitator to get your message out to your audience. So in order to help you start the beginnings of a fruitful relationship, here are our top ten tips on how to best engage with the journalists and the media.Tip One : Understand the journalist’s agenda ...

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Media Training Tips – The Doorstep interview

  It’s easy to say ‘don’t panic’, however when you’re surrounded by a pack of hungry journalists there’s not a lot of time to think calming and rationally about what to do next. We’ve all seen it on the telly as the chief executive rushes in through the front door of the office surrounded by an assortment of microphones and cameras.  But, by not saying anything, it looks like you’re running away. It’s about giving the journalists a morsel, something they can chew on whilst you and your team work out what ...

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Fergie's Guide to the Media

If you tuned into the Today programme’s business strand at around 8.40 yesterday morning you could have been forgiven for thinking that you were listening to the sports slot instead, as the lead item was about whether Sir Alex Ferguson would be retiring as manager of Manchester United. Jim O’Neill, former chairman of Goldman Sachs sounded rather surprised to be asked what he, as a friend of Sir Alex, knew about the rumours of his retirement. O’Neill wasn’t the only one – why the interest in a football ma ...

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