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Media First's Adventures in Brunei

Our resident camera technician, Paul Horton has been living and working in Brunei for the last few weeks. He is supporting a team of Media First journalists who are delivering tailored communications training to delegates in this beautiful country.

This week Paul was put in the Media Spotlight and had the opportunity to practise some of the tips he had picked up from our journalist tutors…….

Hello from Brunei

I've been out here in Brunei for three weeks now delivering communications training for Media First.  With my body clock still all over the place I was pleased for a day off, but like a busman’s holiday I decided to visit Radio Television Brunei. This is a national broadcasting house just down the road from my hotel.

I met up with Taha - he’s a newscaster that we have been working with for the past few weeks. He gave me a quick tour of the building and explained that they house five different radio stations, broadcasting news and music in various languages from English to Malay.

He showed me into the studio for Pilihan FM and left me there with Izan a presenter who was just going on air with her daily show. She introduced a song and we started chatting (off air), before I knew it I was talked into having an interview... Live on Air…… going out to the world… thankfully in English!


Now, as a Camera Operator, I much prefer being on the other side of the microphone so the nerves crept up as Izan explained that we were going out across  Brunei, Malaysia, Singapore, Philippines and in fact practically the whole world as they broadcast online.  I threw my mind back to our media training courses and remembered all I had heard in the past about the importance of planning your messages, storytelling, what the media want and how to sound engaging and relaxed. I managed most of this but the relaxed bit I can definitely say I failed on – even though Izan was lovely! I just hope that I sounded more confident than I felt.

I will be pleased to get back to work tomorrow, on the other side of the camera, and watch other people being put in the spotlight by the Media First journalist trainers.

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