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Thirty Seven is a journalist led content creation and web design agency.

We put journalistic principles at the heart of every piece of content we produce and every website we build for our clients.

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Other services

Media First offers bespoke communications training and related services. Aside from media, crisis communications, social media and presentations training here are a few other examples of the type of services we regularly provide to our clients. Get in touch if we can create something new for you...

Message Testing (internal / external)

Whether you’re honing an internal message for your staff or an external message to the media, we can help you to craft and test your messages to prepare for every eventuality.

Thought Leadership and Profile Raising

For seasoned media spokespeople who are looking to market themselves and their company as industry experts, commentators or thought leaders.

Effective press release writing / selling your story

Journalists only take notice of a fraction of the press releases they receive. We’ll help you to write attention-grabbing, compelling press releases and pitches that can generate coverage.

Business Paper / Article Writing / Speech Writing

Whatever your writing requirement, we can help you to create more engaging and impactful copy that will elicit the response you’re looking for.

Supercharging your PR Activity

Developed in collaboration with a senior PR executive and a working journalist, this course will help communications professionals to get their organisation noticed and to enhance its reputation.

Recruitment Interviews

Put your potential latest employee through a mock media interview. Great for press, media and communications teams or more senior media-focused positions.

Video & Web Presenting

Develop and deliver effective messages and become a more natural presenter. Ideal for sales and marketing professionals or internal communications executives.

Voice Coaching

Your voice is your calling card and research shows it is often judged within six seconds. The old adage of ‘it’s not what you say, but how you say it’ is worth remembering whether you are communicating to colleagues, the media or at a conference.

Video Production

We develop and film informative corporate documentaries, interviews and case studies. This can be done in our studios or on location.

Event Facilitation and Conference Chairing

One of our expert presenters can facilitate at your conference or live event. Whether its a senior management meeting, sale conference, product launch, webinar, award ceremony, virtual meeting, consumer or trade show.

"Media First provided us with an excellent service from the outset, guiding us through the creation of our first video as a firm and reassuring us with their capable management of the entire filming and production process. We wouldn't hesitate to recommend their services to others looking to produce quality video in a timely and cost effective manner with an end result that far exceeded our expectations."

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