Crisis management, General media skills, Social media —  3 February by Adam Fisher

Kobe Bryant and the haste for news during a crisis

When basketball star Kobe Bryant died in a helicopter crash along with eight other people, the reporting of the incident was rapid and often inaccurate. News organisations rushing to break big news…


Social media, General media skills, Crisis management —  11 January 2017 by Adam Fisher

Has ‘sorry’ become an overused word?

General media skills, Spokesperson training, Crisis management, Social media —  21 December 2016 by Adam Fisher

The worst PR fails of 2016

Crisis management, General media skills, Social media —  11 July 2016 by Adam Fisher

Six things you must focus on during a crisis

The biggest test to an organisation’s reputation is how it handles a crisis. Crises are unpredictable and vary hugely in nature. Some may result in loss of life or significant injuries and others…


General media skills, Crisis management, Social media —  7 January 2016 by Adam Fisher

Sleeping police story shows everyone can be a reporter

You have probably seen by now the pictures of two police officers fast asleep in their patrol car while on duty. The photographs, reportedly taken in the early hours of New Year’s Day, also appear…